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Monday, November 4, 2019

Time flies when you have 5 kids

Seriously the days are just whizzing by me. Where has the time gone? I swear Brendan just turned 16 and yet it is already his Birthday month. Chloe just finished working her very first job. She is only 15 and was hired at a Farm for the Fall Season. Every weekend she got to help all the lost people in the corn maze every. Makayla has offically surpassed me in height and she only turned 12 recently. Andrew is a busy boy and becoming very self sufficient. Our sweet Lily, known as the princess around here is going to be 5 soon. She started preschool this year and she has changed so much in the last few months.

Every year the eldest child has a birthday, as they all do, and we are all shocked at his upcoming age. Even his siblings can't get over him aging rapidly. We all couldn't believe when he became a teenager and then he hit 14 and 15 and 16 and now he is turning 17!!! It sounds so old and grown up. His sisters are baffled with how fast life flies by and recently exclaimed "next year he will be an adult". It is fascinating watching them all grow up before our very eyes. Facebook memories get you every time! You just can't believe how much they change in just a few years. Seriously once they hit 12 they start to become little adults. Memories pop up from 4 or 6 years ago when they are only 6 or 8 or so and now some are fully grown adults and no matter how many time Facebook shows you (like every single day) you are just shocked at their transformation.

We are sort of lucky because we still have the 4 year old to gush over. On the other hand we are really sick of giving showers, cutting nails, brushing hair and getting kids ready for bed but we realize all of the sudden they do everything themselves. I will miss all of that bonding time. We hardly ever even see the 15 year old. She does comes up for food or to ask for money. Our 7 year old showers and dresses himself so he is already on the path to independence. He even requests showers and actually remembers to bathe every other day. He is better than the older ones, well except for Brendan. That child lives life on a schedule so he has no issues reminding us when it is shower day. Most teenage boys stink and don't care about being clean but not Brendan. He is the complete opposite. Over the years I realized how alike our boys are. I always tell my husband, I never knew how typical Brendan really was until we had Andrew. Brendan has always been a total boy and most of those annoying quirks he had growing up apparently was just a boy thing. Playing with light switches, opening and shutting doors for literally no reason, making annoying sounds, having zero attention span....yup he was just being a boy. Who knew?!

Lily has been a busy little bee lately. Preschool has changed her. She loves to color and draw and cut paper.... Lots of paper like if I have to sweep up any more pieces of paper that are all over my dining room I may cry. She attends school from 9-3pm and continues to be non stop the minute she walks through the door. She is always off crafting something. We know exactly what to get her for Christmas and it will go into her bedroom so she isn't destroying the dining room an hour before dinner needs to be on the table. She is still very shy but preschool is helping her come out of her shell. She has made some friends and gained some confidence. She rides down slides all on her own now and had a blast at her brother's school Halloween party. Also, for the first time in 16 long years I did not have to walk to a single door on Halloween. She seriously ran up to the houses all by herself. She even tried to avoid going to the same house as her brother, Ms. independent. I can not even believe that I got to sit back and watch and yes I got to sit because we took Brendan with us in his golf cart. It was seriously the best Halloween ever. I just waved to our neighbors and happily sat and watched my 4 and 7 year old run all around collecting candy. We have earned this! 16 years of trick or treating. Many many years lugging Brendan up to the doors, in and out of wagons, strollers and wheelchairs. The last two years he took his bike which was also awesome but nothing can beat us all sitting in the golf cart and enjoying ourselves.

The days are still busy but not as exhausting as they once were. 4 kids are off to school by 8:15 am and then Lily heads in at 9 am. We actually get to go to work without any children! We don't have to keep them entertained, we don't have to feed them, we don't have to clean up after them all day long. It is peaceful and we get so much work done. It is very odd but in a good way. We have owned our business for over 7 years and have children with us since the day we opened. At least I know Lily is off having a great day and we get a break from all 5 kids for a few hours. I leave work at 2:40 pm and pick up Lily and then grab Andrew and head home to clean up and start dinner. We put 3 kids to bed at 8:30 pm and then try and relax until bed time. We don't have too much going on right now as far as sports. Chloe has cheer but walks home at the moment because practice is after school which is nice. Brendan hasn't started basketball yet but I can just swing by to get him after I grab Lily when that starts up. Makayla joined drama and is helping with an elementary art class once a week so we have a few pick ups but nothing crazy and the best part is we live right down the road from the schools so it takes no time at all. It is so much easier now that the little kids are older because I don't even have to pack them up, they can stay home with any sibling for 5 minutes. No sleeping babies to worry about, no coats or shoes to run around the house to find because they decided to take them off in the upstairs bathroom. Nope, I just say I will be right back and head out the door. These are the little things that a mom with many kids can appreciate. Running to the store and leaving them all behind is amazing. Getting to go on a date with my husband because our 15 year old can take care of them is the best, mostly because we don't even have to pay for a babysitter.

So somehow another year has passed us by. Brendan turns 17 on Thanksgiving. My mom and her husband are off to Arizona already for the Winter. The leaves are falling fast and cold weather is approaching. 2020 will be here before we know it and next year at this time one of our children will be almost an adult. I am trying to enjoy all the moments, whether chaotic or not because I know one day they will all be adults and all of these hectic days will be in the past and I will have a quiet house and miss the absolute chaos that I have come to secretly love.

Throwback of Brendan since it is his birthday month and then the 3 oldest:

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Life is too hectic....I forgot to post about Summer Camp

Wow I just realized that I forgot to post about a huge milestone this past Summer. Brendan went to Summer camp. Not just day camp. He went off and spent 12 nights at a camp multiple states away from us. We found a camp in NJ. We were both nervous but my husband was very excited for the much needed break.

We went on a road trip back in April during April vacation and we were able to tour the camp on the way home. We had kept it a secret the whole trip because once Brendan knows something he won't stop asking questions. I could not be stuck in an RV for 7 days answering questions that I didn't know, about a summer camp I had never seen. So we told him 30 minutes before we arrived and he was absolutely shocked. He took the news well and was excited to see the camp. He even asked some really appropriate questions. The most important question he asked was if he could bring his cell phone! The answer was no, no cell phones are allowed. No computers, no phones, no communication accept for me emailing or calling to ask about him. I couldn't even speak to him. That was a little intimidating, even for me.

I really thought he would not want to go but instead he was very excited. He would attend in August so we had a few months to prepare especially mentally. It was the first time Brendan would ever be away from me for that long. I realized that Brendan has never ever slept away from me or his father for more than one night and now he was going to sleep at a camp without knowing anyone for 12 nights. This is a huge! I think the longest he has been away from me was when he went to Disney with his father which I believe was 7 nights at most. 12 nights felt like an eternity.

His younger sister and I drove to NJ to bring him and we made a weekend trip out of it. He was fine until the day it was time to be dropped off. He was beyond nervous. Drop off wasn't until later afternoon so his anxiety spiked. We took him out to lunch and to the mall to get his mind off of it but that didn't help at all. He was consumed by his nerves. He didn't even eat his french fries at lunch but he did manage to get his steak down! He even broke down crying at lunch. I didn't know what to do or say. Makayla and I felt so bad for him. We took him to pick out new shoes for school and then left to go get ready for drop off.

I told him girls would be at the camp and he smiled about that!

Super nervous leaving the hotel!

Once we arrived he was amazing! He didn't cry at all. Drop off was very different than I had expected. 3 people approached the van and took out all of his luggage and helped get his power travel chair out. It was top notch treatment. They had an outdoor area where we checked in and they told him what cabin to go to. It was all so fast. They would have whisked him away right then and there...5 minutes after we arrived. I asked if I go to the cabin with him and they said I could so I asked Brendan if that is what he wanted. He agreed so off we went. He started talking to one of the counselors that was unpacking on a bed across the room and he warmed right up. He never cried. He said he was ready. So I just left him there in his wheelchair with all his luggage. It was so odd. I had to leave my child they knew nothing about besides some detailed forms I had filled out. I have never done anything like this but I think I was having a harder time than him. He made it so much easier being so brave. I was shocked because after his morning anxiety I thought he was going to have a major meltdown. Nope, he was awesome! As always.

Makayla and I felt so weird just leaving him like that but off we went to enjoy some time together. Of course a major storm rolled in the next day and the camp seriously lost power for days. Not only power but their phone lines. I tried all day getting in touch to see how he was doing and couldn't get through. On our 6 hour drive home I realized I could email them so we emailed back and forth for check ins. He was homesick the first few days but only during meal times, probably because we always eat together for breakfast and dinner. I was told after a few days he was loving it and embracing camp life. I wasn't able to talk to him at all. I waited for a post card but never received one. I couldn't wait to hear how it was.

We figured Brendan would say he hated it and was never going back because that is what he does even if he actually enjoyed something. We were prepared for him to say this over the next few months but instead he actually acted like he liked it. He did say the beds were uncomfortable the food was bad which sounds 100% like camp to me! I told him we would get him an egg crate for the bed next year (this was my test question to see how he would react) and he said okay. WHAT?! He didn't say No, I am not going back but instead agreed. So he is going again next year and he will probably not be as homesick. I am so happy he enjoyed it. 12 nights and no electronics is so good for him. I am going to try and get his friend Jack to go with him next year.

They didn't send any pictures or any information on how it went and I didn't get much out of Brendan but the bottom line is he enjoyed himself. He survived 12 days away from us. I should have less anxiety next year and hopefully a storm doesn't take out their power and phone lines on day 1! So amazing that camps exist for disabled children like this. It was an experience I never thought either of us would have yet we did.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Brendan is growing up way too fast.

Brendan turns 17 next month. I am not entirely sure how this is even possible. 17 scares me. 17 means he is almost an adult. Most of you are probably excited as your children reach adulthood but I am terrified. Everything changes. He exits high school. I have to become his guardian because he is clearly not capable of making serious decisions on his own. He begins day programs and I have to really hope we find something that works for him and that he enjoys. These things have been running through my mind constantly and I am stressing out. I think once we start the process on all of these things I will feel better. I am just waiting for it and that gives me anxiety. So many unknowns.

Although half the time I am stressed out the other half I am beyond thankful. Brendan has come so far in life. He seriously handles this life better than I could ever have handled it. He has had 13 surgeries! I have only ever had my wisdom teeth out. I can't imagine being cut open. Yet he goes in so strong and comes out even stronger. He is stuck in a wheelchair yet he is happy. He is becoming more and more independent. He is constantly maturing. Throughout his life my husband and I often have conversations revolving around Brendan. By often I mean daily! Years ago we wondered if we would ever be able to carry on a real conversation with him and now we do! Years ago we wondered if he would ever mature and not act like an immature kid and he does! Not always but he often blows me away with what he says and asks. I never ever thought he would be able to use the bathroom on his own and yet he does. I never thought he would be able to get his covers off and sit up and wait for us to come dress him in the morning but he does every single day. I never ever thought he could get off his bus and enter the house 100% independently and he currently is. He is simply amazing!

I feel like we, well lets be serious.... me, have made great decisions over the years. I have had to make many difficult decisions. I have had to say yes to way too many surgeries. But overall I truly feel that they have all been the right decision. I honestly do not think he would be where he is today without going through the many difficult times. When I look back I am flabbergasted on how amazing he is going under the knife. He has been casted and braced and stuck in bed for days and whenever we think back we are like, WOW, he handled that amazingly well. I keep telling myself this because I am trying to prepare myself for spinal surgery. His scoliosis doesn't look good. His back is deforming more and more as he grows. I hate this. I hate that I couldn't prevent it. I hate that I blame myself for it. I hate that this could very well be surgery #14. I cry instantly thinking about it. My husband normally showers and dresses him and didn't want to bring it up to me the other morning but he did. I instantly started bawling my eyes out because I already knew. I gave him a shower days before. I notice everything. I know it is getting worse and I am avoiding it but that won't do anyone any good. It is time for x rays and it is time to hear the news I never ever wanted to hear. In all honesty this surgery scares the sh*t out of me. I have started to read stories about it because I know it is coming. I am trying to prepare myself.

This CP life is not easy. Not only for him but for everyone that loves him. I never knew I would live this life full of heartache and stress. Almost 17 years in, now that is crazy! I am hear for the long haul. I will do what is best for him, at least I try. I often wonder if I should have corrected his left hip and if not doing so caused his scoliosis?! I want to think I made the best decisions but then I question myself.

So hear is to 17! Maybe I am wrong and he doesn't need surgery. Honestly I am not usually wrong, my mom radar is on par.

Now to leave this post on a good note. Brendan decided to attend the Homecoming dance this year. He hasn't wanted to go to dances in years now and randomly he told me he wanted to go (days before the dance of course) and he looked awesome! His pants look so much better in person. My husband wheeled him over to me in Burlington Coat Factory wearing them and I was like OMG I love them! Girls danced with him and Senior boys took him out on the dance floor. I really think he will attend his Prom and I was just convincing myself that it is okay if he doesn't experience it if he doesn't want to. I am one happy mama.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

13 years ago my goals were very different

Brendan was 3 years old. I was just beginning to accept this life thrown at me. I definitely was not through all of the stages of grief. I may have been slightly in denial, but I am not positive. I just remember 13 years ago I made a vow. I said that I would never order Brendan another wheelchair. Boy was I wrong!

Thinking back to those first years is tough. I still feel sad every time I think about his birth. I just wish I could have changed that day. I wish I went to a different hospital. I wish it wasn't Thanksgiving. I wish people listened to me. But I can't change any of it. Here we are 16 years later. Not only could I not keep that vow, I literally had no control over it. I thought I could 'fix' him if I tried hard enough and did every therapy available. I thought he would progress but little did I know most spastic quads regress as they age. It isn't the proper term because the brain doesn't regress or become any more damaged but the spasticity takes a toll on their bodies and effects them adversely as they age. I had so much hope so no wonder I hadn't reached acceptance.

It is far from easy being 23 and having your first child endure a birth injury that would effect the rest of your lives. I had friends at the time but they all had typical babies. They all grew and progressed at a normal rate. Over time it depressed me to hang out and see all of their babies growing, babbeling, crawling, walking, talking. My son couldn't do any of that. I had to eventually seclude myself for a while. I had to grow (stronger). I had to learn and I had to prove to myself that I was going to be the best mother that I could be for my son. He didn't choose this life. He got the short end of the stick. He was also thrown into this life without anyone prepared to raise him. My marriage ended. I had to work part time so I could take care of him. Life changed in an instant. I was trying to figure out this new path. I am not sure if denial fits exactly because I did absolutely everything for my son. My life revolved around him. I had set him up with therapy at 6 months old and I accepted everything that was offered. He had 3-5 appointments every single week. I took him swimming and to music gymboree and 3-4 therapists would come to our home. Every single week. I took him to the park and I would take him for walks in his wagon. I kept him busy. I kept my mind busy. It was just him and I at the time. I had all day to care for him. I worked back to back shifts on the weekends while he stayed with his dad and I was utterly exhausted during the only time I didn't have to care for him 24/7. I did it all for him. I don't regret it one bit. He wouldn't be where he is today if I hadn't been so motivated.

He turns 17 this year and I can't believe it. Kids grow up way too fast. Some days it feels like I just ordered his first wheelchair. It is odd but I still can picture every moment when his first chair was delivered. I wasn't mentally ready and I absolutely hated it. I think the therapists talked me into it for bus transport. He would start school at 3 years old in order to receive therapy because he would age out of early intervention at age 3. It looked huge and it was too big for him. Back then they didn't have adorable little wheelchairs. Although I am sure those moms starting out on this path don't think they are adorable at all. It must have been so tiny because it actually fit behind the drivers seat in my X-husband's car. I can't even picture how small it actually was because in my mind it was a monstrous piece of equipment. I seriously hated that wheelchair and never used it and instead I ordered a Convaid EZ Rider stroller and let me tell you those are the best! We have had many sizes and they have served him well. I highly recommend that brand and for any mom not ready for a wheelchair.

I would say Brendan was around 8 years old when I finally was ready to order a wheelchair. Mentally I was okay with it. I wanted a power wheelchair mostly because I didn't think he could maneuver a manual wheelchair. His right hand was fisted most of the time and he kept it up in the air. He had very little strength. I was talked out of it and I am so glad I listened. Having a manual was the best therapy for his right arm and hand. He has also had Botox, therapy and arm surgery which has helped him gain so much use. He has been mainly in a wheelchair for 8 years now. That sounds insane! I have still tried everything including multiple surgeries, tons of therapy and working out at home constantly but ultimately Cerebral Palsy always wins!! I can't say that I didn't give it my all. He doesn't want it enough and when I say that I mean he doesn't want to walk. He is content sitting in his wheelchair. He is content having everyone help him. In a way that isn't a bad thing. I rather him be content then hating his life being stuck in a wheelchair.

I realized that I was the one that had to fully accept it. I was the one that had to change the goals in my heart. I was the one that had to let him choose for once what he wanted. I was the one who had to let go of the control. So here we are days before he begins the 11th grade (yes the 11th grade!) and Brendan just had his first power wheelchair fully approved by insurance. I was oddly ecstatic when I received the phone call. I never thought I would be happy hearing that his 4th wheelchair has been approved but I was. I have definitely hit acceptance 100%!

I will post pictures and videos once we pick it up. Brendan will soon be the proud owner of a Permobile F5 with standing feature! Everyone said that the standing feature would be denied but his Physical Therapist must have written one amazing letter because I do not have to appeal it. Permobile will custom build his wheelchair and we will pick it up in a month. How cool is that!?

He will still use his manual in the house and we don't even have an accessible vehicle at this time so he will use the power chair mostly at school for now. I need to figure out the best vehicle for him in the future so that his care takers can take him places as well. I want him to use this chair and love going out and about. He won't worry about fatigue or having people push him around or not being able to reach things. He can push a button and talk face to face with a cashier. He is going to love this chair and he doesn't even know it!

Stay tuned. This kid will be riding in style very soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Summer Fun

Brendan is skipping ESY (Summer) School for the first time ever! He has a busy Summer and would have only attended for a little over two weeks so I said why not?! We went on vacation and he is going to a sleep away Summer camp in a few weeks. I am getting nervous!

We went to lake Ontario for our Summer camping trip this year. It was a great time. Lake Ontario is like an Ocean. I have never seen such a large Lake. The waves were like an ocean, it went on for miles like an ocean yet it lacked the smell. We honestly couldn't wrap our heads around it. Now I want to see all of the great Lakes. The campground was a lot of fun. We stayed at Brennan's RV Beach Resort. It has 3 pools, a lot of activities such as arts and crafts for the little kids, live bands and of course a beach. We took Brendan's golf cart for its maiden voyage. It worked out really well especially since the campground was so large. We used it constantly. Brendan is getting extremely heavy and awkward. Honestly he is getting too tall for me. Derek has to do almost all of the lifting and carrying while we are using the RV. I can no longer safely maneuver him in and out and I always feel bad but Derek just does it all and hardly complains.

Brendan was really excited for someone else in the house to have surgery. Chloe hurt her elbow during cheer practice back in October. She fractured it in two places. She was given the clear to go back to cheer just 6 weeks later. I questioned this but no one else did so back she went. Her elbow hasn't been right since and today she had to go under the knife. They had to remove a piece of bone and reconnect a ligament. She is excited to get back to normal. Brendan is excited that someone else had to go through what he goes through constantly.

We have been trying to enjoy life, raise 5 kids and continue to grow our business. Life is constantly chaotic so I love when we hit the road in the RV. I wish we could go more often! I am still surprised at how well our family gets along in a 31 foot RV for 9 days. We have the best family.

I have been getting Brendan ready for his 12 night stay at camp. I am getting really nervous. I never let anyone else care for him like this. He can not have any electronics, not even his phone! I think I might worry the entire time. I really hope he enjoys it and doesn't get home sick. I don't really think he knows what he is getting into. We have to pack a lot of stuff so I am preparing now. Wish us both luck!

Time to get some kids off to bed!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


There are moments when a little bit of normalcy pop up out of nowhere. It doesn't happen often but it happened this week.

Most days aren't typical. Most people don't have to help their 16 year old complete daily tasks from the moment they wake up until the moment their 16 year old goes to bed. It has become our normal but some days it hits you more than others at how exhausting, both mentally and physically, it can be.

I don't normally dwell on it. I just do it. Over the last year we have been working very hard on independence and he has come a long way. He has been motivated for the first time ever in his life. He wants to do things on his own and has been able to do everything we have taught him. We are so proud of him and will continue to redesign the house so it works for him. The next task is for him to be able to get into bed all on his own. He always has to go to bed when we are tired or ready for bed which probably isn't normal for a 16 year old boy. He often goes to bed at 8:30 pm during the school week because we get up to get his 2 younger siblings in bed at that time. We don't get to relax much during the day and we only want to get up once. It takes a good 20 minutes to get all 3 to bed as it is. He gets to watch television or go on his phone (when he has it) so he doesn't have to go to sleep, just go into bed. One day I would love for him to go to bed when he wants.

As you know from my last post Brendan lost his phone. He normally goes to bed and then listens to music or watches YouTube in his bed. He also calls me a good 3 times from his bed when random things pop into his head. That may sound cute but when I finally get to relax after a long day the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone minutes after getting him into bed. He also calls every night at 10 pm to say goodnight. Since losing his phone this has obviously all changed. He gets situated in bed with his awesome Bobopedic and watches Cops on his television. He has his bed remote hooked onto his nightstand and he has his television remotes on his bed. He sits up and looks very comfortable.

Over the last few nights I realized that I can't receive any phone calls as he has no phone. He hasn't yelled to me through his closed doors. He just relaxes in his room quietly watching his show. The time comes for us to head to bed and I open one of his doors and peak on him. At this moment I felt the normalcy. My 16 year old has his television off, his remotes on his nightstand, he motorized his bed down and he is asleep on his stomach. He accomplishes all of this completely on his own and I love it. It is my little bit of normalcy in a not so normal life that I have been given.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

I try not to post the negatives but.....

I was literally talking to my husband about how awesome Brendan has been doing lately. He is maturing and behaving so well. He has definitely had his issues in the past. He has autistic characteristics due to his brain damage and we have worked very hard to help him become the person he is today. Just hours later we got hit with a dose of reality.

Brendan has never liked answering questions. We have worked with him for many years regarding this issue. We feel it is important to answer questions. It creates conversations and helps people learn about each other. It is a very important piece in communication. Brendan only likes to ask the questions. When he first learned to talk he would ONLY ask questions. Every phrase that came out of his mouth was a question. Over the years he has progressed. After he had SDR his speech greatly improved. He can carry on conversations. I never thought the day would come. I love long car rides with him because we talk and at times it seems so normal. He calls me often when he visits his father and we have real conversations. It is drastically different from years ago in an amazingly positive way. If you ask him a question he responds with a question sometimes completely off topic. I won't answer his question (unless I am not paying complete attention) until he answers mine, this has worked fairly well. At times he can be in a mood and he can't always control his behaviors.

I don't let autism be an excuse. I don't let having cerebral palsy be an excuse. I don't let being a 16 year old boy be an excuse. I treat him like I treat all of my children. I hold him responsible for his actions. I am not easy on him and never will be. My job is to help him grow up to become a functioning adult.

Well he decided to test our entire being the other night. Derek had been asking him why his head rest kept becoming loose. He has a head rest on his wheelchair because he is transported in it. Well over the last few weeks it is hanging down and therefore is not in a safe position for transport. Derek has to fix it daily which is annoying. It didn't become loose all weekend so we knew someone had to be doing something at school. We actually have had this issue in the past so we already knew someone was pushing him with it or leaning on it. Brendan wasn't in the mood for a question especially for the 3rd time this week. He obviously knew how it happened but for some unknown reason he didn't want to tell us. It really wasn't a big deal. We just like to keep his equipment in tip top shape. It isn't an easy or quick process to fix his equipment. He decided to go off the deep end. He decided to not control his actions. He decided to try and kick Derek with no success. He then picked up his (overly expensive) smart phone and bite it, breaking not only the screen but the entire display. It is completely broken. Do you want to see mom flip out? Oh yes mom flipped out. Why in the world would he break something he uses daily and loves over a dumb question? We will never know. It is all about control or lack of. I get that he can't get up and walk out of the room. I get that he can't always express what he is feeling. The words don't always flow freely. He can't always explain everything. But I do not get destroying something we spent a lot of money on. I don't get how you can't control your anger. I get mad. I yell but I never ever get physical. I never throw things or break things. No one in this house does. He gets this look in his eyes and he tenses up and he gets a little crazy. He has acted like this from as far back as I can remember. I still remember his dad telling me "I think he is autistic" when he was 2 years old. I was no where near ready to accept that diagnosis but over the years it all makes sense. Does that mean it is okay to act like this. I don't think so.

So we had a long discussion and decided to discuss his punishment the next day so that we could calm down. He lost all electronics for one full week. Luckily we had insurance on the phone so it only costs $100 to fix. (hopefully) He has to earn this money by dong chores and therapy. We created a list of things to do and he has a jar in his room and he has to earn the $100. He has to request to do the things on the list, we will not ask him. Some of them include cleaning his toilet, cleaning his bathroom counter, taking a walk in his walker, riding his bike 2 miles instead of 1, going into a long sit, going on the vibration plate. All of these things have a monetary amount next to them. It will probably take him over a month to earn the $100 so it should be a very good learning experience. Our hopes are that he learns to control the aggression. He controls his temper. Everyone gets mad. Everyone wants to throw things (or in his case bite things) every now and then but we can't always follow through with what we want to do. I hope that he learns a lot from this event. I hope next time he chooses not to over react. Time will tell.

Oh to parent in the year of 2019!

He did still get to go to subway with his Pass worker since he had a great day and accomplished everything he was supposed to.
Apparently he was in a good mood. His Pass worker even treated him to an ice cream sundae after.