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Monday, November 16, 2009

SDR Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy and my suddenly dare devil son!!

Well it is time to focus on our decision again for Brendan having SDR. The results are amazing. I need to figure out how to post some video clips of children who have had SDR. The surgery seems like a miracle. I realize it will take years and a ton of therapy to see the results we are hoping for but the results that can be obtained are almost unimagineable. I keep having dreams of Brendan standing up and walking on his own. I love those dreams. I have never seen my child stand up tall. I don't even know what he would look like without being hunched over with his knees bent. I hope one day I can see this vision with my own eyes! I have never been able to get a true height on him because the Dr.'s don't lay him down and measure him like an infant anymore. We just guess. I know he is getting very tall because at my wopping 5'1" frame he is getting very difficult to carry. He stands right below my chest when I hold him up and that isn't even standing tall. They grow so fast!

He is becoming a very daring little boy lately. He actually fell off the couch and out of his walker twice this weekend. I think his vision has improved since his strabismus surgery this past August. He has found the light switches in our house and he seems to be much more aware of his surroundings all of the sudden, in turn creating my dare devil son.

He has never been able to lift one arm off his walker and now he is doing this and turning on and off a light switch. AMAZING! He is also enjoying opening and closing the dishwasher. Well this is how he fell out of his walker not once but twice! The first time I cought him but I wasn't fast enough the second time. He has no balance and once his mind has any sort of emotion his arms tighten up especially at the elbow. He has absolutely no reflexes so his arms never protect him against a fall which often means his head is what hits first. :( Luckily his back hit the wheel on his walker first and then his head lightly bumped the ground as he slipped out of my arms. BUT I am happy that he is getting out of his comfort zone and actually trying to do these things. I am also happy that he has gained some muscle mass to be able to do this things. Holding himself up in that walker with one arm is a massive feat!! I am so proud of him but I envision many more bumps and bruises down the road. He is a mad man in his walker. He has no fear. He will yank it over bumps and curbs and anything in his way without realizing that it may tip over with him in it. This has also happened and is not a pleasant site to see! BUT he is a boy and that is what boys do and how happy do you think it makes me to be able to say something like that!


Mary Ellen said...

I found your blog tonight as I am researching the SDR surgery for my son that has PVL cerebral palsy as well. He is 2 so we are just in the begining of this journey. I just wanted to say hello and that I hope 2010 hold wonderful things for you and your family

Day by Day said...

Hi Mary Ellen. So great to meet you. I have to post a new blog because unfortunately SDR is out for us after meeting with numerous specialists. We will not give up though and we will continue to research and do whatever it takes to help Brendan progress and live a great life!!

April said...

"Fall down seven times,stand up eight."