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Monday, June 28, 2010

Heart Surgery is booked!

I will talk about it in detail at another time. It is difficult for me to write and I tear up very easily regarding this surgery. I have been dreading this for 7 years and the time has come to close his holes. He has an ASD but actually has 3 holes all in a row. We are hoping to close it in a heart cath lab with the umbrella procedure BUT they Dr.'s are not 100% sure and we will not even know until that very day. So keep us in your thoughts. He is scheduled for July 27th. :( My heart breaks for everything my boy has to endure but he is the toughest kid I have ever seen! Nothing phases him and he always keeps me strong! I love him. That is all I have for now because the tears are already welling up.


Sheila said...

You and Brendan will be in my thoughts. I know this must be so scary for you but he is such a tough little boy and has been such a trooper through everything else so I know he'll do the same this time. Please update after the surgery!

April said...

Even though I knew he made it through okay, I was still trying not to cry while reading this.