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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Casts off today, ADHD meds, and a Birthday is coming up!

Well we made it again...another 3 weeks and 2 days in casts. He was a trooper. He hardly ever complained. It was almost like he wasn't even wearing them. He is happy about them coming off today!
Not too much to update. His speech is really coming along lately. He is talking in full, complete sentences and using new words daily. He is pronunciating many words correctly now. I can tell more and more people are understand more of what he says. His sister answered him in the car yesterday and I was surprised she knew what he had said. I guess she could be used to his speech as well but usually she is like WHAT BREN??.

His ADHD meds have been helping and I have been getting positive remarks from his teacher and therapists. He is actually working hard in school!! I think he is excited to be able to concentrate more and get the positive feedback.

Only 17 days until Brendan turns 8! It is very hard to believe he is going to be 8. I think I say that every year! :) He is very very excited about his birthday and he just says he wants presents so he is not very helpful with gift ideas. He is loving his geo trax train and pixar cars can ride the tracks too so I got him mater. He already has two others but it is one of the only toys he plays with. He wants to make his own cake this year. I will have to let him because he has been asking for months. I will make one as well but I have to let him try to make one all on his own. He will enjoy it!


Sheila said...

Brendan is my hero! I can't believe how strong he is and I really can't believe he's going to be 8! Happy Early Birthday, my hero! Please post pics of the cake he makes. I love his determination!

jenny said...

Go brendan I cant wait to see pis ot the cake and see his happy smiling face he is a very determined little eight year old happy early 8th birthday to my other special little bddy we all know malayna's in the other spot lol they are both such troopers to go through everything with a smile on their faces I know wehn i was their age i didnt lol i screamed and protested ha ha thats just my attitude which i needed to get throgh everything

Day by Day said...

You girls are so sweet! Brendan is very strong but I wouldn't call him determined..he can be pretty darn lazy. He loves his wheelchair but he will push it for about 5 seconds and go 'mommy you help me' or mommy your push me and it drives me nuts!!! :) He is so darn cute though!

Amy said...

He is definitely cute. It is great to hear about his improvements in language. I hope my Emma gets there one of these days. Happy Birthday--just a little early. I cannot believe how fast kids grow. I can't believe he is going to be 8 so soon. I would love to see more photo of his wheelchair when you have time. I need to find one for Emma soon. What kind is it?

April said...