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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Half way there! Opening a business :0

I am 20 weeks (well this past Saturday I turned 20 weeks) and am thankful to be half way there. I am hoping the rest of the pregnancy is uneventful and passes by quickly. I think it will since we seem to be busy all the time. The first 20 weeks flew by and I was sick for most of it so if that can feel quick feeling good should feel even quicker.

Am I ready for a summer baby to be born with 3 kids at home with me??? Not really.... but I have no choice in the matter so I am going to just NOT think about it and just do it. My husband is going to take a week off.... if he is still working where he is. B U T

We are planning to open our own children's consignment store. We have talked about opening our own business together for years. We have thought of a bakery/cafe called Muffin Madness, and a restaurant delivery company called Dine-In Delivery but we have never followed through. This time we don't want to give up on our dream. My husband can't really stand his job, well it isn't so much his job, it is the fact that he is gone for 12+ hours a day and doesn't get much family time. He really enjoys being with us! Isn't that nice?

After we had our 20 week ultrasond and found out we really do have a baby boy growing we continued on having a great day. Life hasn't been so easy lately. My husband is dealing with a lot of 'not so fun' stuff with his x girlfriend, the mother of my stepdaughter. She basically wants full custody so she can take our money, little does she know we don't have any! We have 50% custody and placement right now and have her 50% of the time, sometimes more. I really hope the judge sees right through her! I was saying

Thursday was a great day. We found out we have do indeed have a boy (I knew it all along!) and then we went to sign paperwork for our grant so we can finish Brendan's addition. Then we drove around and found the PERFECT spot for our store. Well we hope it is perfect. Rent is cheap but we aren't sure if business's always last there but it is worth a shot. It is right in our own town and on the main road. It is store front with big glass windows and the perfect size to start up. Did I mention the rent is just right??? We are going to gamble but it is exciting. A bit crazy being 20 weeks pregnant but hey, this is how we roll. How can we not follow through with this dream? It was a perfect day and somehow we ended up at this location and somehow the lady across the street was the property manager and let us in to see it right on the spot. It feels like destiny.

I have been thinking about opening a consignment store for years and we are used to living on one income right now so it shouldn't be too shocking for my husband to join me on this business adventure. Being all pregnant I need him. He might do a paper route or something at first to help pay the bills while we get started. It is very exciting and feels very real. We are doing lots of research and budgeting and we are in the works on reserving the building. Wish us luck!


Sheila said...

How exciting! Best of luck to you! I hope you make your dream come true. It sure sounds like a better fit for your family!

Amy said...

Oh wow! I think your business idea sounds wonderful. I love kids consignment shops. I love taking things in to sell and looking for coold things too. I think it would be fun to actually own one. Sounds like you will definitely have more family time with this business.