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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life has been BUSY! Update on life

I have been beyond busy lately. Opening your own business 8 months pregnant has been a challenge but we are doing it! We work 7 days a week right now but things are going well. I think we had the right idea for our area. Word is spreading and we have had a lot of business. We haven't spent any money on advertising yet but between facebook, craigslist, drive-by's, and word of mouth we have been doing alright! I am already 33 weeks pregnant! This has been a very difficult pregnancy. It hasn't gotten any easier let me tell you. He is already 5lbs and kicking my butt. My stomach is the biggest it has ever gotten with any pregnancy which scares me because I still have 7 weeks to go. He is very active and likes his space. I am hoping he comes a little early because I am so uncomfortable. I can't bend over, I can't walk for very long, I can't stand for very long....the complaints go on and on :). It will be all worth it. I can't wait to meet him. My sister had her baby boy 4 weeks early so he has already arrived. I was holding him and just can't imagine that baby fitting inside of me but he is only 6lbs 3 ounces so it would be possible. Brendan's addition is ALMOST finished!!! I can't wait. His bathroom is just about done. The plumbers and electricians are supposed to come tomorrow and finish up and then the hard wood floors have to be finished and all that will be left are final details. He is so excited to sleep in his new bedroom. His custom made vanity was just installed this past weekend. I will take some new pictures soon. It all looks amazing and I can't wait for him to settle in. His equipment I ordered also came in on Friday. He loves his dynamic stander and wheels to go get the mail everyday. We also have a new kaye bench and wheelchair desk. The lift in the garage was also installed recently but we haven't used it much because his temporary bedroom doesn't allow him to fit through the door into that room yet. It is all coming together and has been a very long process but will be so worth it. I will have to post videos and pictures soon!


Sheila said...

I'm so happy to hear the business is going well. I can't believe you're 33 weeks pregnant already! You must be exhausted working 7 days a week!

I can't wait to see pics of Brendan's addition and equipment. It all sounds perfect!

Amy said...

I am glad to hear from you and see this post. Brendan looks so grown up in that photo, and I love that hair. He is growing up so fast. Glad to hear the business is going well. It looks awesome. I love consignment stores.

WOW! Before you know it, you are going to have another sweet and handsome boy. Seems like this pregnancy has flown by. Ha, though I am not the one that's pregnant though.

I can't wait to see more photos of the room and stuff. We are slowly getting some things done for Emma here. A ramp is in now! Yay! I did not want that ramp, but I am very happy now that it is in.

Keep us posted. I know you're so busy, but I think about you often. I am sure Sheila does too.

We take it day by day said...

Thanks ladies! I can't believe I am 33 weeks either! Actually 34 now. I will definitely take pictures soon.

Amy...I was hesitant about the ramp as well but ended up loving it. I think it takes some acceptance just like with the wheelchair and the handicap van. Although I knew I needed those things for him I didn't really want them but afterwards I LOVED them and realized how much it helped him become more independent and that is what is important.