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Sunday, March 1, 2020

To YouTube or not to YouTube

My husband thinks I should document my life on YouTube. It can't be super fancy because I seriously do not have the time. He thinks I have a lot to say and have a lot of experience raising a child with cerebral palsy.

At first I thought he was crazy but then realized that we have been through a lot. I constantly comment on Facebook groups and connect with a lot of people. I have researched a ton of things and Brendan has been through many procedures, surgeries, therapies and life experiences. And we have done it all together.

When I first found out he had cerebral palsy all I could do was search the internet and read about everything I could find. I had no idea what life had in store for us. I needed to know everything. I still remember scouring baby center on my lunch break at work. I could barely function those first few months. I couldn't focus on anything except for the fact that my baby boy was going to be different. That life as I knew it was changed in an instant.

Back then Facebook did not exist. There were no support groups, no mom friends we could turn to. I was alone. I had no support. I didn't know a single person that had cerebral palsy never mind another child with cerebral palsy. It was so foreign to me. I became obsessed. I actually found a bunch of moms on babycenter that I still talk to today! 17 years later. I loved that people would share their stories and ups and downs and I have never stopped reading and researching and sharing ever since. I know I can help other moms feel better in those early days. It is so important to not feel alone. To know it will get easier. To know you are doing the best you can.

I have a voice and I should use it. I love to connect with others that experience the same thing. It helps knowing you aren't alone. Cerebral Palsy is rapidly increasing which is very sad. It effects the rest of your life and everyone around you. My life has never been the same the moment Brendan was born. I was barely 23 years old and I had to grow up real fast.

I think Brendan and I have both come a long way in life and we have done it together. We are both still learning and growing and life has turned out okay. If I hadn't done everything I have done over the last 17 years he would not be where he is today. I will probably never stop. I do it all for him. I vowed to myself that I would give him the best life he could have and I don't think I have failed.

So we will see if I actually follow through as I seriously don't feel like I have a moment to spare.

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