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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Already one week since PERCS!

Brendan is doing well. Brendan enjoyed the trip down. We went out to eat and he got to sleep in a hotel. He wasn't nervous or anxious until the morning which was good. He knows what 'surgery' means now and he never knows how he will wake up feeling which gets him upset. I can totally understand. He was upset heading into the surgerical room and yelled at his anesthesiologist and said "I don't like you!". Probably not the person you want to say that too BUT I think he understood ;).

He was away from us for about two hours. I think waiting is the hardest part. In my head I know this isn't a major surgery but I also know anything could go wrong. The mother in me I guess. Everything went well. The Dr. did have trouble getting a good alochol block into his adductors due to some scarring from his hip surgeries. I can tell that he had difficulty because his hips are not that loose. Recovery took a while. Brendan kept throwing up even though they gave him medicine twice. His heart rate was also high and no one knows why. He couldn't go home for a long time due to his high rate. I think we got to leave around 2pm and surgery was at 7:30am. Not too bad I guess. The ride home was LONG and he threw up a lot. He didn't fell well and he had to pee 5 times. Thank goodness I was smart enough to ask for that pee bottle. He had to wear knee immobilizers for 24 hours along with foot casts so taking him to a public bathroom was not easy. Not to mention he was in pain!

Recovery wasn't too bad. He didn't seem in that much pain but he has horrific bruising. Bruising so bad I sent pictures to his Dr. His entire thigh became bruised over the past week and under a knee. I spoke with his Dr. and I guess his bloodwork showed a high number that relates to his anticoagulating plateletts. That was the reason for the bruising which apparently his Dr. didn't look at until after I emailed him pictures. Why do bloodwork if they don't even look at it?? What if it was major surgery and my kid lost a ton of blood? I am not very happy but I can't even let myself go there. I just have to be thankful that he is okay. The bruising is finally looking better but he was purple almost black and it was awful!! Still is but it is getting better.

He is very weak. He doesn't walk to walk or do therapy. He had PT last night for the first time and I had to leave the room so he would actually work without crying. He walked more today than he has all week.

He is so STRAIGHT!!! I have never seen his little body stand so straight. He looks awesome. He is constantly sitting up in bed on his bum and it is a great site to see. He never can just sit up and be comfortable. I am excited. I hope that he can actaully gain some leg muscles and get stronger and walk better over the next year. I also have a goal that he will stand unassisted at least for a few seconds within the next year! We shall see!!!!!

He has to wear knee immoblizers at night for the next month which is nothing new for us. He is also casted for one month. He is having new AFO's made and already started therapy so we are on the road to recovery! He has been such a champ through this entire thing. He is amazing. He almost never complains. He doesn't act like he has pain which I know he does. He is the toughest little boy!! I love you Brendan!


Sheila said...

Hi Steph! I was hoping to find an update tonight! I'm so glad to hear all went well with the surgery but so sorry he was so sick afterward and the bruising was horrible! But it looks like it's already doing great things for him and he is an amazing boy, as always! He is so strong - he must get that from you!! Keep us posted on his progress!

Amy said...

So glad this is over, and the good things begin. I hate to see the bruising, but I hope good will come from it. I love hearing that he is so straight. That is pretty cool. He is a TOUGH kid, but I am proud of you both. I cannot wait to hear more updates. Go Brendan!

jenny said...

Wow he already loooks os good. so much straighter love seeing the pictures. not that nasty bruising though. and as for the doctor i would not be happy either. they order blood work for a reason or they are suposed to.
i am glad you got it figure out as to why he had so much bruising and that nothing more serious happened. Sorry to hear he was so sick though after surgery. he is a tough kiddo and as for not showihng his pain thats just the stubornness of CP in him i do the same thing unless it is so horrible i cant. good luck with his recovery cant wait to see him as he progresses

We take it day by day said...

thanks everyone. He is doing well. Going to post a new update now.

April said...

I'm so glad to hear the result was positive! My hamstring op really helped straighten me out too.