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Monday, May 2, 2011

13 days since surgery

Brendan is starting to walk more and more. It is difficult right now since he has big walking boots on with casted feet but he wants to do it. He walked all around the yard yesterday while I worked outside. He can sit on the grass and NOT tip over. He looks very comfortable. I find him in his bed sitting up all the time watching t.v. before bed. He looks like a different kid. It is very odd to walk in and see him sitting there so comfortably. I love seeing it.

School isn't having him walk yet. I really do not understand why but what can I do. I asked them to but they think it is better for him not to walk. Whatever. I am not fighting that battle. I am a little upset that they still haven't gotten a stander that he fits into because he should be standing everyday but other than that I love his school.

He is speaking more clearly and longer, more complete sentences every week. He even sounded like a typical little kid today and used 'like' in his sentence. I can't remember what he said but it was something like: mom that's like really cool. He is too funny. He is getting better with the computer thanks to youtube. He can click on his own videos, enlarge them, and press escape to go back to the small screen. I do not always have to help him like I was just a few weeks ago. I think his ADHD medicine is really helping him calm down and focus on things.

Not too much else going on here. I am ready for those casts to come off because bath time takes two people and he is heavy!!! :)

OH and his bruising is much better...almost gone!! :)


Sheila said...

Wow! Such great stuff happening! I am so happy for all of you. Again, you've done a great thing to help Brendan. It was hard on all of you (and still is, in some ways) but SO worth the results you're seeing. Lots of happy vibes coming from you!

Amy said...

Wonderful news! This sounds amazing, and I am so happy for you and especially Brendan. It is great to hear that he is up and walking. I would love to see a video on You Tube of Brendan walking post surgery. LOL! HINT, HINT! Just sayin. Go Brendan. This is very exciting news!

jenny said...

yay brendan keep it up buddy. i am so happy to hear his good progress. a video would be awsome. as far as school goes not wanting him to walk it is probably because if he falls and hurts himself they could be held liable.
i was not alowed to return to school after my tendon transfer until i was able to menpuver with a walker and i am normally fully ambulatory and they were still angry that i was at school. they wanted me to return in the fall and retake my sophmore year needless to say they did not get their way lol i passed and graduated on time thank you mom well glad to hear he is doing so well

We take it day by day said...

Thanks ladies. I have been trying to get a video but he wasn't in the mood to be recorded for a few days. I got one today but can't figure out how to get it off my phone. I won't email to me or go onto facebook. So give me some time :)

He is walking really great. School has started to let him walk again even with his casts on. I switched the handles on his walker so he can't use his arms as much so he has to work hard to walk but he takes amazingly good steps this way. So far so good!!

April said...