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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PERCS, Weather, and Family

PERCS was a success in my mind anyway!
It has been one month since Brendan had PERCS. He is doing FANTASTIC. He is able to sit on his bum comfortably, he is pedaling his handicap bike all on his own, his gait is better AND he is standing much straighter in his walker. All of these things = awesome in my book!
Casts come off on Thursday! It was an ordeal and it will take a day out of school and a trip to Boston to get someone to saw them off but we are all ready for it so that is what we will do. He is afraid to have them sawed off so he keeps telling me to leave them on. :) I don't think so!

Can we say it is FREEZING?! I am so cold right now. It is May in NE so where is the sun? I am ready to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors but these dreary, wet, cold days are not motivating me.

My sister is getting married on June 5th and I am the maid of honor. I have my dress and almost have everything for everyone else in my family. Weddings can really add up! I am throwing her a shower on the 29th. Her wedding was not supposed to be until July 16th but due to family illness we had to move it sooner. I hope it is still a happy day for her. Brendan looks dashing in his suit so I can't wait to post pictures. I am sure the girls will look beautiful. They love wearing dresses so they will have a fun day. There will be lots of nails to polish that day!

Well I am off to another IEP today. Not sure why I need to go again one month later but it seems worth it. We are discussing adaptive PE and technology for Brendan. The school wants to buy him his own touchscreen computer. Can I just say once again that I LOVE HIS SCHOOl!! They really understand him and what will work for him. They are really trying to get him to learn and I love that about them. I don't know if it is his ADHD meds or his teachers but the other night he read off the letters A,M,S,T, and C to me from his flashcards with no mistakes and very quickly. I am so proud!


jenny said...

wow go brendan that is awsome I would be nervous about getting the casts off too. Things feel so different to us after being in casts for a prolonged amount of time.
When i had my cast off after my surgery i had some trouble walking but adapted fairly quickly. I hope all goes well for hm on the trip to boston and cast removal
i am so happy to hear that the school is so willing to get him what will work to helpo him learn keep up the good work both of you cant wait for more updates

Sheila said...

Wow! I love all the great news coming from you lately! I am so happy to hear how well Brendan is doing. His school sounds amazing! I wish they could all be like that!

I'm sorry to hear about the family illness but I hope the wedding is a happy day.

Good luck with getting the casts off. I know Brendan will be a trooper about that too!

April said...

It's lovely to hear what he achieved from PERCS.