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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bike Pedaling, Pa, and School!!!!

Brendan has a handicap bike and today he pedaled all on his own! I owe it all to PERCS. He rode it earlier this season and could not pedal. Today, casts on and all, he pedaled down the road. He needed a lot of assistance but for a short amount of time he did it ALL BY HIMSELF!! I honestly can't believe it. I never thought he would be able to pedal a bike. I owe it all to PERCS. He was very proud of himself and excited. He wanted to wear his helmet to be just like his sisters and now he thinks he is so big because he rode his bike on the road like his stepsister, Chloe.

To top off this great achievement he later called his Pa to tell him about what he had done and had the greatest phone conversation I have ever heard him have. He never repeated himself. He didn't ask the same question over and over. He actually talked to my dad. What an amazing day for my little man. I needed something good to happen today to lift my spirit. I think my dad did too.

GO BRENDAN!!!! Like I always say you are amazing! Pictures will come the next time he rides. It was unexpected. :)

Today at school Brendan got to do the morning announcement. I was told he has been asking because he hears other student's say them over the loud speaker. Well today was his first day. He had to say "Today is recess day C." He is sitting next to me right now and I asked what he had said and he spoke it to me so clearly with the biggest smile on his face. I am so beyond proud of him today.


Amy said...

Brendan, you are definitely a SUPER STAR this month for sure! Not that you aren't always a star, but this month is terrific! Thank God for the PERCS! Go Brendan Go!! I am so happy for you all. Riding a bike and pedaling is a huge accomplishment for any kid.

Sheila said...

Wow! That kid is AMAZING! I'm so happy to hear such wonderful results. I just knew it would all be worth it! I'd love to see what kind of bike he has. Malayna has not been able to figure out pedaling yet but her PT just mentioned that she wants to work on it with her. WTG, Brendan! You ROCK!

Sheila said...

Wow! I love all the great stuff going on with Brendan now! You must be so proud and happy! I can't wait to see pics of him on his bike. Malayna hasn't mastered pedaling yet but her PT is working on it with her.

Amy said...

I signed this before, but it is gone now. I think something is up or wrong with Blogger, as it was unavailable to me earlier.

Anyway, I am totally excited about Brendan's progress. Pedaling a bike is a huge accomplishment. PERCS rocks, and so does Brendan.

jenny said...

wow these lil ones never cease to amaze me go brendon keep up the good work my freidn cant wait to see him pedaling that bike

April said...

It's the little things that mean the most. Go Brendan!