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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parade, Drive-in and more!

Brendan's school had a small Memorial Day Parade. Brendan doesn't like me going to his school. For some reason he cries when he sees me. I am dumbfounded by this but this has been going on for years. He told me I couldn't go but did I listen? No way! He didn't see me at first and I probably shouldn't have yelled~Brendan!~ so he could find me and I could take his picture. You think I would have learned my lesson over the years but I just can't help myself. He actually held it together until he saw me afterwards so he is improving. His friend Autum was pushing him in his wheelchair. He was walking with his typical classroom. It was great to see. This little girl sends countless pictures home with I love Brendan, A+ Brendan, you are my friend....on and on and on. She loves my kid and I love her for it! It was a cute parade and I think the only reason he cried was because his principal mentioned parents could sign them out and they could go home early. I have no idea why it would even cross his mind that I wouldn't take him home early but he was very concerned about it. He got over it quickly and was very happy that I did indeed sign him out.
We took the kids to the drive-in for the first time. They loved it. We got there so early and had hours to kill before the movie started but they were great! They ate food, walked around and just waited for the movie. All the kids conked out by 10:30pm. Brendan slept in the back of the van with Chloe and Makayla fell alseep on my lap which was the best thing in the world. She isn't a cuddler like Brendan and I loved having her in my arms for hours. She isn't my baby anymore but I felt like she was for those few hours. We saw Kung Fu Panda 2 and I honestly say I don't highly recommend it. I couldn't even pay attention to it. But I still enjoyed the night.
I posted the photos of his new AFO's and his figure 4 position. They are the best because Brendan doesn't do well with flashes. He was sitting much straighter before I finally got a picture where his face is somewhat decent. I am still amazed I found him like this. The therapist at hippotherapy said she noticed a difference too. She said he was stronger and didn't need her holding him up as much and sat straighter on the horse...woohoo!!! He was so busy playing legos he had no interest in showing me his new AFO's but I took one anyway and he asked "did you get my lego's in it?" Yes Brendan they are the main focus in the picture, haha. He LOVES legos!


Amy said...

WOW! I love hearing all this great stuff. I love that Brendan has such a sweet friend at school. Priceless. I wish Emma had more friends. Her language or lack thereof currently makes things tricky and odd with other kids her age. She is also way too shy. This is the drawback to homeschooling--the lack of social opportunities.

I was totally impressed with Brendan's figure four sitting. That is pretty dang fantastic. His legs look wonderfully loose. That is a great thing to see.

The drive-in sounds like a lot of fun. We have been thinking about taking Emma. So, now you have inspired me. I don't think I would be like Kung Fu Panda much myself.

Sounds like you guys are going to have a great summer. I look forward to hearing more exciting posts on Brendan's progress.

Oh, and my mommy heart totally gets the need to cuddle. Glad you got some cuddling going on with your "not so much a baby anymore" baby. :) They grow up so fast.

April said...