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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Couponing and More AMAZING PERCS Results!

My husband and I have recently begun couponing. I have always clipped coupons, even as a young child. I helped my mom shop and even did the family grocery shopping when I got my license. I love coupons. I think they are really neat since they are basically just like cash. I try and hunt for coupons wherever I go. I use multiple coupon codes when I shop on-line. I get some pretty great deals but lately I have even amazed myself.
You really can get stuff for free!
I have been watching the coupon show on t.v. and it really has me interested and focused on saving money and spending less for more! We have been doing this for a little bit over one month and already have a stock pile. I don't get everything for free but I am getting really great deals. I just got 18 bottles of Lawry's marinade and 21 boxes of pasta for free. I have a stash of razors that I paid maybe a few dollars for. I am talking a power shick razor for $.89. I have 12 boxes of tampax tampons (20 count) that I paid less than $12 total for.
I never thought I would purchase coupons but there are sites where you can buy them for $.08 each and if that makes a product free that means I only spent $.08 on 'that bottle of marinade'. Works for me!! So I am totally into this couponing thing and I am ready to score more free food and products for my family.

Now on to the important topic for tonight........First let me say once again: PERCS I love you! Brendan was doing his nightly walk around the house for exercise in his croc walker and all the sudden he stopped and I saw him lift up one hand high in the air. I wondered what he was doing when he then lifted his second hand high into the air. I kept quiet because I was in awe. Brendan has NEVER lifted two hands off of his walker. He has never stood by himself. He then proceeded to clap. I have no idea why he felt the need to stop walking and clap but he did and it was AMAZING! He doesn't like when you make a big deal out of things but I couldn't help myself. We walked some more and I had him do it again just to see if he could and he did twice more. I am shocked. How can he even do this? Have I been right all along and he can stand but has not had the confidence? Is it PERCS benefitting him this much in just 1 1/2 months? I am not sure of the answers but I am very excited to see what is to come.

I have always said Brendan never ceases to amaze me and once again I am saying it tonight. I am ecstatic!


Amy said...

WOW! Okay, I am totally excited about Brendan and his standing solo. That ROCKS!!! I am excited about his future and yours. I love watching kids progress and know that there is hope for them out there, if parents take the lead and get it done. I have seen so many kids who could benefit from something like PERCS, but I have also noted that their parents don't seem to care. That's a local thing, I guess. I know this kind of thing takes guts, but I know parents who won't even read research on stuff like this. And this is something most doctors won't even tell you about. I know if it could help Emma, I would do it. She needs a lot more than PERCS to help her walk solo, but it still amazes me anyway. I am proud of you for going forth with this regardless of what that one ortho doctor said. Look at the results--that's what matters. I cannot wait to see what else Brendan will do. He is amazing. Yes, I totally bet the PERCS is helping, but I also bet that things feel better and that is improving his confidence. Wouldn't it be so great if he let go one day and started walking solo without the walker. I am waiting on that. That will be a great day, for sure.

I am totally interested in the coupon thing, and I have been watching that show too. But, I can't figure it all out yet. I have yet to find a local store that will do double coupons, and most of them limit the quantities applicable. Maybe there is something that I don't know. Most likely the latter. LOL!

Congratulations on all the great progress. I am so HAPPY for you all!

We take it day by day said...

Thank you for your excitment Amy. It is really nice to hear. Your post made me teary eyed because I never pictured him walking solo one day. I really take it one day at a time and do not focus on the future. I have dreamed that he will walk one day but I leave it that. I think it is too painful to think about what he can't do now. I think your post made me think for 10 seconds that maybe he will walk one day or at least stand and take a few steps. I never expected him to do what he did last night so who knows what else he is capable of. I am sorry if you write and I don't post comments. I have no time to read other blogs. I wish I did!

Sheila said...

I'm a couponer too! I haven't gone to the extremes I've seen on TV but I score free stuff whenever I can. The blog is a great resource and got me started on CVSing. Do you do that too?

I am so excited about the wonderful things happening with Brendan! You're right, he is an amazing boy and will go so far in life! PERCS is amazing!

April said...