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Monday, June 13, 2011

Another miraculous thing after PERCS

I was doing exercises with Brendan this evening and afterwards I sat him down on his bum and let him play while I was stretching his healcords. I noticed he was sitting so straight all on his own. His right leg was almost flat on the ground. He looks so awesome! Sorry it isn't the best photo, it was my camera phone and he was busy playing. He loves cars!
His calves are getting bigger. They aren't so skeletal like anymore. I see muscles forming. His biceps are coming back as well from using his walker without the arm troughs. I really want him to become stronger but he typically does not like therapy or working very hard. I must say he did great tonight. He had fun, didn't complain too much and after working out, stretching, and playing he walked three laps around the house.


Sheila said...

Woo hoo! I love hearing all this great stuff! Love the new blog look too!

Reeta said...

Super! :) what a handsome boy in the new picture! :)

Amy said...

Go Brendan! I love this news too! I also love all the new photo and the way the blog looks. Looks like Brendan! He is soooooo handsome!

April said...

Muscles are marvelous.