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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3 more days of school~Oh My!!

The kids only have a few more days of school. This is my first year that I am not working. The kids have always gone to daycare full time all summer long. I have never had three kids on my own for so much time. I am nervous. I am worried I won't be able to keep them entertained but I am also excited for them to enjoy their summer fort he first time. I must admit that I am totally clueless to what I can do with all of them everyday. Brendan definitely makes things more difficult like going to the beach, going grocery shopping, and just really every day activities. It is really hard for me with all three.
I am over the fact that they won't behave because for the most part all three are excellent children. I think it is the logistics of getting all of them somewhere without totally exhausting myself. Parks are pretty much out because I can't leave Brendan walking by himself or he will most likely fall. He likes to try dangerous things in his walker. Makayla is 3 and is into climbing everything all on her own and she is NOT graceful to say the least. There is no way I can watch both of them at the same time. I could go up to the school playground and let Bren walk around the parking lot while his sister's play but how fun is that for him??? Not to mention putting Bren down slides multiple slides can wear you out in minutes.

I can't picture myself taking them to the aquarium or zoo all on my own but maybe I can do it. Maybe once I start doing it I will realize it isn't so bad and I CAN do it! I guess we will find out very soon. Brendan can't physically keep up with his sister's so I do not know what he will do all day long at the house. He can walk around the yard but how much fun will that be. He can swim in the little blow up pools we have. We have the water slide but I doubt I can lift him too many times to go down the big slide all by myself.
Anyone have good ideas for the summer? I need to start thinking and planning!


Reeta said...

:) what a task! the pools sound good. Also get some board games outside (if you have garden), make lemonade and let the kids play. Invite friends over, make a small lunch time barbeque party. Go to any interesting kids museum you havent been to yet.. Hope this helps :) We have a 12yrs old who unfortunately watches tv indoors most of the summer. My step daughter. Shes not into anything else except tv and beach, which is a pity because she could read so many nice books, play games and visit new places. But her mum doesnt really care taking her around... I often feel sorry for her, my childhood summers were full of nature, games, friends and outdoors...

Amy said...

Well, I don't have anything to add to what Reeta posted. I don't have this problem because Emma is my only child. I bet you already saw this, but Ellen has some good things on Love That Max, with a link to a OT's therapy ideas painting with marshmallows. I am definitely going to try that with Emma.

How does he like that Power Wheels jeep? That is a way cool ride. Emma want one, but I think it would go way too fast for her. I think.

Good luck. If I think of anything else that is cool, I will let you know.

Sheila said...

What about hiring a school girl as a Mother's helper? I have one who just got her safe sitter certificate and she's going to come a few days this summer to help entertain Malayna so I can get some things done and keep my sanity. And Malayna really loves the change and having someone devoted to entertaining her. She only asks for like $5/hr so it's well worth it to me.

April said...

Summer days are always long, aren't they?