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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I do many things for extra can too!

I have to now. I stay at home with my kids so my husband is the only money maker. It is scary. We have a budget that we try and stick to but lately my husband's trade isn't doing so hot! I can't work part time because I can't afford daycare for my youngest. I am a mystery shopper and do jobs when I can. I coupon to save our family money and get more for what we spend. I also have belonged to sites on line for years where you can earn points or bucks and turn them into gift cards and even paypal cash. I figured I would share three sites that have really worked well for me. You can earn points/bucks simply by clicking on emails, playing on line games, searching the web and of course on line shopping. If you shop on line alot you can earn cash pretty fast. You just use their portal to go to the site and shop like you normally do. Sometimes it takes 30 days to receive your points or bucks but you always do. For instance, shop online at Old Navy you will earn 4% back. I bought the girls a bunk bed on line and saved a ton just from buying it on line and then earned $30 back. The thee sites I use are swagbucks, inboxdollars, and mypoints. You can use my link:

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April said...

My Mam stays at home too. Somehow, we always make it work. I'm really grateful that they find the money and the time to put into my therapies and surgeries.