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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enjoying the Summer~

This past weekend we set up the blow up water slide and the kids had a blast! They played non stop for 5 1/2 hours. The neighbors were over all day long and really had fun. I had bought water squirters at the dollar store which were awesome amusement and they kept Brendan entertained for an hour. He could actually suck up the water and squirt it. He couldn't really aim at anyone but I bet he will in time. The kids created obstacle courses and my husband timed them. Brendan loved cheering them on and yelling ~ "ready set go"!!!!

Brendan started riding his power wheels again. He calls it his go cart. He kept asking for a go cart for his last birthay but we decided on something a bit slower and with two seats. When we surprised him with this he was so happy and yelled "A Go Cart"!!!!!... so at least we made him happy!
His driving is ten times better this summer. He was stearing it all on his own. He drove on the road and I barely had to help him. Even his step sister was impressed. Our mailbox is across the street and Brendan likes to drive to go get it but he ended up driving too far down the road and all the sudden he turned around perfectly in the middle of the road. I asked him what was he doing and he replied I forgot to get the mail and parked the car right in front of the mailbox. I was so impressed! I even let him drive around the yard without walking next to him and he did AWESOME! He did crash into lawn chairs once but with some yelling he didn't do it again. He drove over this huge rock we have in our yard which freaked me out. I was running towards him yelling Bren don't!!! I didn't make it in time but he drove over it just fine and I think he actually planned it because he yelled "I did it"! after he got over it. Derek would always drive him over this rock but he would be steering and walking right beside him!

This kid always impresses me. Seriously, he is growing up on me. He is becoming more independant. I am not sure if PERCS is the reason but he has changed so much since the procedure. I don't know if it gave him more confidence or if his brain can focus on other things now but he is a different child for the better.


jenny said...

awsome i am glad he is doing so much more now keep it up nren keep on driving

Amy said...

Fantastic. Emma wants a car like this, but I am afraid it will be too fast for her. I don't even know if she can manage the steering wheel.

I am so excited about all of Brendan's progress. I think you might just be right about him being able to focus better on other things now. That makes sense to me.

I love hearing about his independence because that is what we all want for our kids--even if it comes in the smallest of packages. I would just love for Emma to be able to wheel herself in a wheelchair and feed herself. That would be great.

I also love hearing about how much he is talking now. I love that. I know that is not what this post was about, but I still love hearing how is able to play so well and communicate with other kids.

Oh, and I love that you are posting all these great posts lately. I cannot wait to read them each day or so. I would love to be able to show Emma a video of Brendan drive his "go cart". She would love that, and I would love to see how fast it goes.


We take it day by day said...

Thanks Amy. I always enjoy reading what you write too. Brendan surprises me on a daily basis with what comes out of his mouth. He uses his memory and picks up what people do and say all rhe time. Like he asks me to hols our dog when he backs up his car. We have to hold him when one of us pulls in or leave the house. I took a video today so I will try and post it.

Sheila said...

Great stuff! I'm so happy to hear you're having such a great summer. It passes by too quickly, for sure! I wish Malayna could drive a car like Brendan does but since they all seem to require using her right foot it doesn't work for her. Brendan rocks though!

We take it day by day said...

Sometimes bren uses his left foot to drive it lol. His right doesnt work as well but he can do it.

April said...

A wonderful, positive update!