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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mohawks and Legos

Gotta love his Mohawk. His father was constantly buzzing his hair off and I could never do anything with it. I found a great place that can cut his hair without him freaking out. Snip-its is awesome. They have practically silent buzzers along with t.v.'s and video games to keep the kids occupied. So far he has not freaked out getting his hair cut there. I thought he just grew out of it and brought him to a barbor shop once and that was a huge mistake. He almost didn't get his hair cut and then almost had half a head cut so never again! His hair is finally long enough to spike, mohawk, or just do whatever. I think he is one handsome boy!!

Brendan loves legos. It is the one toy that will keep him occupied for an hour. It is great for fine motor skills as well. He used to only use one type of piece. The small square but now he is using different sizes and colors and building them in different directions! He has been playing with them for over a year now and he just started doing more. He loves when his sisters join in and play with him since they are usually off doing there own thing. He used to just build tall towers straight up and now he uses a little lego board and builds 'castles'. I am very proud of how far his lego skills have come. He has no idea it is great therapy too!


Amy said...

Emma has some Legos, but they seem too small for her to handle well. I know she wants to play with them, but she can't. I think it is a great idea for fine motor skills. Brendan is doing so well and making such great progress. I know you are proud of him.

I love his mohawk.

Amy said...

OHHH! I love the walking!!!!!!! GO BRENDAN!

I like that walker. I think it is the bigger version of the one we have.

April said...

Therapy through play is the best way!