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Monday, September 12, 2011

My baby is turning 4! Special Olympics!

I can't believe my youngest is turning 4 years old! Brendan has always loved his little sister to pieces. They are super cute together. She wants to go to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday so we will all go there to celebrate over the weekend. The kids love playing the games so they will all really enjoy it. We need to go Apple Picking too! We tend to go too late every year. Apple picking just sneaks right by us. We like sticking to yearly traditions and this is one of them so we will have a busy weekend.

Two mom's started a Special Olympics program in our town. I am the treasurer but haven't had to do much yet. We had 15 kids join right away so we are at our max right now. They range in ages from 4-9. They don't compete yet but the kids are really enjoying it. They meet every Sunday for 9 weeks from 3-4pm. Each child has a buddy or two that helps them with the sport. This is great because I am not involved with Brendan. He has been doing great with me just watching him. It probably helps that his niece volunteered and works with him but years ago even that wouldn't have worked out! I am very proud of him. He LOVES it! He shouts "I'm gonna win!" and then when he gets the soccer ball into the net, "I win!" The first day he looked up at me and said "mom, I am plaing soccer!" with the biggest grin on his face. That was pricelss. He loves being part of a team and the fact he is actually playing sports. They play tennis, track and field, and soccer. It is really great to watch. We have 19 volunteers just to work with the kids and then we have coaches who also volunteered for each sport. It really is amazing to see everyone pull together for these kiddo's! I will post a few pictures now.


Sheila said...

The special olympics program sounds awesome! I wish we had something like that around here, Malayna would love it too! Brendan looks like he's having so much fun! We need to go apple picking earlier this year too. Last year we went so late I had to climb a ladder to get the apples and I prefer to keep my feet on the ground!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Can't believe she is already 4! WOW!

I also think the special olympics program you guys are doing sounds fantastic. I am so glad to hear about how much Brendan is enjoying it. I love hearing what he is saying. It's like you can hear the excitement in those sweet words. He looks great, by the way. So glad he was able to participate in such a way that you were able to just sit back and watch. Now that is pretty cool! He is getting so mature.

April said...

The program sounds like a great idea!