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Monday, July 16, 2012

Contractions Contractions Contractions

Like clockwork I had contractions last night. I just turned 34 weeks on Sunday. I delivered Brendan at 33 weeks and had preterm contractions with Makayla at 33 and 34 weeks. I got a bit nervous. I have been so uncomfortable and keep saying I hope he comes a little early but 34 weeks is a bit too early. I don't want a NICU baby. I want a healthy baby that comes home with me. They lasted from 2:30am-7:30am and were 6 min apart for the last hour which almost had me going to the hospital but somehow I ended up falling asleep and they slowed and stopped. Not sure if they will stay away or not but every day counts. If it happens again and they don't stop within an hour I have to go in to get checked out. I guess those weekly shots I have endured since week 16 aren't going to work for me. BOO


Sheila said...

That doesn't sound like fun! I hope all is okay!

Amy said...

Oh somehow I missed this! I hope all is well and the little one is choosing to keep baking for a couple of weeks.

Thinking about you.