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Saturday, October 20, 2012

My boys and My girls

I love being able to say 'my boys' now. We have always referred to Chloe and Makayla as 'the girls' and since I always pictured myself having 3 boys it is nice to finally say 'my boys'. What I love most about Brendan is his lack of self pity. He does not have a jealous bone in his body. He loved watching Makayla meet all her milestones over the past 5 years and now he already loves watching Drew smile, talk, and just be a baby. He has nothing but love for his siblings and it makes you feel like you are doing something right. I enjoy listening and watching all of our children interact with each other. We have a very close family even though we aren't all 100% blood related. The kids would never think of each other anything but brothers and sisters and I love that. Chloe has started gymnastics and is amazing at it! She was the best in her class and she just started. She has self taught herself cartwheels, one handed cartwheels, round offs, and the splits. She practices all the time and has really perfected her skills in mere months. We were able to view her class last week and we are amazed. The teacher wants to move her up a level already. Now we just need to afford it but how can you not try when you find a natural talent in your child. We need to enroll Makayla in dance class because this child has danced since she was an infant. She can't even help herself. If music comes on that child is dancing and she has moves! She can feel the beat and dance to all kinds of music and we love watching her. Time for some coffee and get these kids ready to head to the shop! Our consignment shop is going well and I think we are finally going to take Sunday's off! If you ever want to check out pictures of what we have ( we can ship items!) check out our facebook page I have shipped two items already to children with special needs. Everyday baby gear that can make our lives easier.

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