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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's the little things...

Last night Brendan and his 5 year old sister had a wrestling match. It was really funny to watch. Brendan worked really hard and had a blast. He didn't want it to end and kept yelling one more time, one more time! He even took his sister down a few times. While this may seem like nothing for many kids it is huge for Brendan. It took a lot of effort but he really enjoyed it. Once again therapy and play rolled into one! I still get sad from time to time when I think about his struggle in life but that is only when he is not in front of me because when he is he doesn't let you feel sad. He is ALWAYS happy, smiling, laughing and just enjoying life. He cracks me up daily. The wheelchair has become part of him. It is his legs and he is fine with that, at least that is what it seems. He wheels around this house like a pro. I hardly yell at him for wheeling into walls anymore. Brendan is going to be Bounty Hunter for Halloween. He has been batman for 4 years so I really happy he wanted to be something else. We had to be creative and make his costume which was actually kind of fun. It may seem like an odd costume for a child but he absolutely loves that show. He know the lingo and probably every episode by heart. He doesn't watch much television but has two favorite shows, ICarly and Bounty Hunter. It is great to see him progressing in little ways. His pretend play has really progressed this past year. He can even entertain himself in his room with his tool bench. This has been a goal for so many years and he has finally met it! He achieves so many things and although they may take months or years while it only takes days for other kids his age he does it which makes one proud mama! Brendan is an inspiration, he truly is!


Anonymous said...

I am a Junior at South Medford Highschool in Oregon and I am doing a project on cerebral palsy.Part of my project is takeing an interview and I was wondering if i could ask you a few questions through and email. My email is I would really appreciate it. :)
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Amy said...

Oh wow! I know what you mean, and this warms my heart. Love it!