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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I dreamt that Brendan walked....again

I have these dreams occasionally. They are bittersweet. I never really see Brendan upright without equipment so it is unusual to see him in this stature. I am not even sure he really looks like him in my dreams. It is almost impossible to picture what he would look like standing and walking. His PASS worker has been practicing with him lately to stand up without holding onto anything. She kneels and he stands facing her with his hands on her shoulders. When he is ready he lets go. He does not last very long but it is a start. Something he could never do before. Confidence is a huge issue for some reason. He doesn't think he can do it so we tell him to say "I can do it" to help him feel more confident. I think it is helping because I saw him stand and it was for at least a good solid second. Yes just one second...doesn't that sound strange? It was really exciting to see and I feel like just maybe one day he will stand for 5 seconds and then 10 and then who knows how long! Life would be much easier if he could just stand. He doesn't have to walk but just to be able to stand up when need be would be very helpful for everyone. When he does things like this I dream big. I dream that he walks. He walked funny in my dream, kind of hunched over and fast! I remember the feeling of excitement I had and how proud I was of him. I hope one day we can experience this but until then I will count the seconds that he lets go of someone or something and stands all on his own! It only took him 10 years :)


Amy said...

Gosh, I totally understand this. You know, I never give up on my dreams for Emma--no matter how impossible they may seem. Like Brendan, she just keeps doing the impossible, things we never expected. So, why not? Keep believing. For some reason, I think Brendan will stand and walk one day. And I know how helpful that will be. I say the same thing about Emma all the time.
It definitely sounds like he is heading in the right direction, and how nice to have a PASS worker to help you with it all. I say Go Brendan!!

Amy said...

OH, I also meant to tell you that I love all the new pictures of the kids. Baby Drew is a doll too! All your kids are pretty, boys and girls!

We take it day by day said...

Thanks Amy! All of our kids will show us just what they are capable of one day! :)