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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breakthrough!!! I am so ecstatic!

I was in Drew's room for a while and couldn't hear the monitor so I didn't know if Brendan called me or not. It was 8:30 am and I figured he needed to go to the bathroom so I hurried up with Drew and went downstairs. Immediately Brendan called me whining: "Mom I had an accident". Immediately I became aggravated because I just dealt with a nasty accident the previous morning. I was all huffy ripping off his blankets, telling him he needs to call before the accident...blah blah blah. I roll him over and nothing is wet. I notice a tiny little spot on the sheet and immediately my attitude does a 180! Brendan, I say, did you stop it? He said YES! For the first time he stopped himself from having a full on accident, drenching himself, his sheets, his mattress protectors. I was beaming. He was still upset by this small amount and gave me excuses like "I drank a lot last night". I told him how awesome this was and what a big deal this is. This is a huge breakthrough and I couldn't be happier. He smiled realizing he was not in trouble and did a good thing. That worst part...he has Botox injections on Tuesday and this ALWAYS regresses him. Blogging is difficult lately. I have ZERO time for myself. I am beyond busy with these four kids, running a new business, and having a tired husband who has 3 paper routes in the middle of the night. I enjoy it. I think I thrive on a hectic life. Four is definitely enough children for us but it is definitely an enjoyable life watching them grow and mature.


Sheila said...

That is SO awesome! Malayna still wears pull-ups to bed and still has accidents throughout the day, mostly when she's at home but not so much at school. So I know how huge that control is! It gives me hope that she will find it someday too! Way to go, Brendan!

Amy said...

Fantastic news! That is a huge breakthrough. He is growing up so much in every way. Go Brendan!