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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Wow 2013! Where has the time gone? I have no idea what this year will bring. I am trying to make it to two years surgery free....we are almost there! Botox had to be rescheduled because Brendan got very sick for two weeks. The WHOLE house EXCEPT me (for once) came down with it. Fever with a cold. Brendan and Makayla had it the worst. Fevers for five days and Makayla ended up in the ER with croup. Andrew faired well and only had a fever for 2 days as well as Chloe. I have no idea how I escaped it because I took care of everyone while they were sick and Brendan coughed, sneezed, and you name it right in my face multiple times. Botox is scheduled for January 15th and then I really need to make the dreaded ortho appointment to check on that left hip. I am not sure what I will do if the Dr. says he needs surgery. I honestly think I may lose it at, least for a few moments, and then somehow I will get through it. Actually I most likely will get a second opinion and put it off for a while. This kid really does not need to go through this right now. His old Dr. put off the right hip surgery for years until it caused him pain and was completely out of socket. I don't see the rush. I sometimes fear surgeons just like to perform surgery even when it isn't totally necessary. Just another decision I don't want to make. I don't want to put him through that god awful surgery. I don't want him in pain or to be so drugged for 5 days I lose the Brendan I know. I don't want him in a spica cast for 6 weeks and for him to lose so much weight because he can't really fit food in his belly with that cast. I don't want to think that I won't even be able to lift him with it on because he is no longer 5 years old or 27 lbs. So another year with more decisions and more surgeries to think about. That is life with a child with cerebral palsy. The worry never stops. The hardest decisions seem to always be near. At least I had 2012 free of surgeries and the thought of them. Back to reality for 2013, a year I am not really fond of as it is. I can be superstitious and honesty 2013 is freaking me out. Well HAPPY NEW YEAR. At least for now he is happy and enjoying life. He got a cell phone for his birthday and is the happiest boy ever. Goodbye 2012! You will be missed.


Sheila said...

Happy New Year! I'm hoping it's a surgery free year for you and a seizure free year for us! I'm with you, 2013 worries me a little bit!

Amy said...

I am there with you ladies. I totally get it. Happy New Year! I would love to have worry free 2013 myself. That would be so awesome.