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Monday, November 3, 2014


We have set up a fundraiser to help with Brendan's SDR surgery. I am planning on staying in St. Louis with him for 3 weeks with my newborn baby. This way he can receive amazing therapy and kick us off to a great start! I have ordered a ton of therapy/gym equipment for our house and am looking for a personal trainer for him. We received some terrible news at his SDR evaluation. His left hip is now out of place and it looks like he will need a left hip osteotomy. I am beyond upset about this and can only hope that SDR will help reduce the spasticity that is causing his left hip to pull out of the socket. I think I fear the hip surgery more than the SDR surgery.

Brendan has a new PASS worker. His prior one ended up working full time in her career and had a baby girl so she could no longer work with Brendan. He has adjusted very nicely and quickly especially after not having anyone for a few months. I am so grateful I found someone since being pregnant really hinders what I can do with him. He has gone on many bike rides and walks which is great for him. He has been putting away his own laundry and doing a few more chores. He requires so much assistance and I think every disabled child deserves their own personal PASS worker.

I am trying to come up with more fund raising ideas so if anyone has a good one please let me know. I am looking into candy bars or lollipops and possibly a father daughter dance.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your fundraising! x

Norman Watkins said...

Have you come up with more fundraising ideas? Candy bars and lollypops would be amazing! Haha! I guess it doesn’t really matter what goodies you’ll decide to use for it, as this is a fundraising for good cause, and people would help to support and not for the perks of it. Good luck with your future fundraising endeavors!

Norman Watkins @ eBay Giving Works