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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Equipment Equipment Equipment

I am fully stocking his home therapy room. I have ordered a weight bench, air walker, a rower, trampoline and 3 different sized exercise balls. He already has a treadmill, stander, parallel bars, therapy bench and some balance balls. Once we get it all set up I would like to video before and after SDR to see how different he becomes. Since it will be the middle of winter here he needs everything possible at our house so he can work out no matter the weather. I am looking to hire a personal trainer for him 5 days a week for 6 months. Lets hope I find someone!

Brendan has been doing great with his new PASS worker. He has been walking a ton and is still able to bike ride on warm days. I am looking to get him a new accessible bike for Christmas. He has had the same bike since he was 3 years old and it has seen better days. He has definitely outgrown it as well. He loves to bike ride so I know he will get lots of use out of it over the next 6 years. He is still able to pedal himself since he had the PERCS procedure done years ago. It will be interesting to see how he does after SDR. I am looking at Freedom Concepts for his bike, they make amazing tricycles and they obviously last for years!

60 days left or less for my pregnancy. I am still able to lift Brendan this time when I have to which is awesome. I am getting very tired lately but overall it has been a fairly easy pregnancy. Girls are sooo much easier on my body than those boys! I have no idea why but after two boys and two girls I will say having girls is much more pleasant. We got to see our little Lily on 3D ultrasound last week. She looks just like her siblings already. I am definitely ready for this pregnancy to be over with but at the same time it is bittersweet because that means that Brendan will be having major surgery in 5 short weeks. I am not stressed at all YET but I am thinking I will be very nervous the entire month prior. I will just focus on all the success stories and why we are doing better his life! To make him more comfortable and to give him the chance to do more than he would ever be able to with all this spasticity!
Lily at 30 weeks gestation. Weighs 3lbs 13oz.

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