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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Looking sharp!

Brendan had his school dance this weekend. He picked out his outfit. He loves button up shirts. We found these at old navy and they come with a tie.

Sometimes pictures say 1000 words. Brendan has been working on standing and balancing for 2 months now. Last night I remembered a picture of him taken a few years ago after PERCS helped him progress. We could hold him up just using one hand. He was all stiff and concentrating so much that he couldn't even smile. Derek had is foot in front of his to stabilize him for a quick picture. His right hand is in a fist and very stiff. 

Now look at him 11 months post SDR! standing all on his own. yes he is leaning on the wall but we aren't even next to him. Derek was right in front of him because he was very excited and could lose balance at any second but still!!
Just look at that smile! Look at his right hand, look at his legs! They are still crunched but together. His right leg is trying to work as hard as his left. He is so extremely happy to be able to do this. I could look at this picture 100 times. While he is still far from perfect his stance speaks volumes of how SDR can truly help kids battling Cerebral Palsy.

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Sheila said...

Wow! This is truly amazing! And Brendan is such a handsome young man. I cannot believe how much he has grown up!