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Monday, August 15, 2011

It has been a while! AND an Exciting Purchase!

I feel like since the kids got out of school I haven't had any time for myself let alone computer time. I apologize for the lack of posts lately.

Brendan's elbow is still healing! I can't believe how long it is taking. So far so good but his father told me it did start bleeding over the weekend so I am worried.

We just got back from our camping vacation this past week. We went to a luxery campground called Pine Acres in Oakham MA. It was a good time. It rained alot and I was so thankful we had our pop up camper this year. I went outside and sunk in about a foot of water and really couldn't imagine having a tent to sleep in during those conditions. The only downside is that the rain is beyond loud hitting the popup and my husband and I were wide awake for hours. At least we were dry!

We broke down and bought a handicap accessible van! I am so excited. I am still in the process of registering but Brendan gets to ride in it today for the first time. It should be interesting and it is raining but I am excited to not have to lift up that wheelchair into the back of our old van any longer. It is a Toyota Sienna and the van is amazing! The front seats come out so he can either drive when he is older and capable (not looking forward to this!) or sit next to me as a passenger in his wheelchair. We chose the one without carpet. It has a pretty cool floor that won't get all dirty and nasty from his wheels. I love it so far but ask me after today how I really feel about it! I just hope I can attach him into it on my own! I am a bit nervous.


Amy said...

Yay! Emma loves that song, Never Say Never! It definitely suits our kids, huh?

Loving the van!! Did you get it new that way? Did you have to special order it? How does that work? So cool! I am envious. We need one so bad! I would love to see more photos sometime with Brendan in there. That will really save your back!!!

I am also wishing I could go camping like that, sounds like soooo much fun.

Hope Brendan's elbow stops bleeding. I know you cannot wait until that heals up all the way and for good.

Sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun this summer.

We take it day by day said...

I thought it suited our kids perfectly as well!
We found a place that sells these converted vans a few towns over so that was pretty awesome! I had no idea they existed. It is a Toyota Sienna...they seem to be very involved with handicap accessibility. I will take more photos today if we go out.
I checked his elbow and it is a new cut so my mom told me to watch it in case staph is still in his body. UHHHH!!

Amy said...

Oh no, poor Brendan! I hope he is dong okay. Another cut! Gosh boys get into more stuff like that than girls, huh?

I think your new van is so cool. I didn't know you could buy them that way. I thought you had to take them somewhere and have it done, and that always seemed like something I would dread getting into. I would like one like yours, but I have been seriously considering the one (Toyota Sienna) with the new lift seat/chair. I am not sure we can afford one like yours just yet. But, we cannot find one of the new ones with the special seat anywhere close to us so we can even look at one. We have Dodge Caravan. Bought it new! We have had so many problems with it, and I cannot wait to get rid of it. I am so glad that we didn't go ahead and have it converted because the brakes and related areas of the van have given us heck. The doors are supposed to slide open, and they never ever do.

I cannot wait to see more pictures of you van. I love it. It looks cool and not "handicapped" or weird at all. (You know what I mean. Still looks sporty with good lines, etc.) I hate things that scream DIFFERENT!!!

Sheila said...

It sure sounds like you're having a great summer and you sure deserve it! My family camped alot when I was a kid but I haven't tried it as an adult. Malayna is a horrible sleeper so I don't think she'd sleep in a pop-up, especially if it were pouring rain!

I love the new van! Good luck with it!

We take it day by day said...

Amy I will put up some new pics today. I love the chair lift on the van but my problem is lifting his wheelchair and hurting myself so I figured we better go with the ramp. The van should last a good 10 years I hope. I never had any problem with my Honda and the sliding doors and we almost bought a dodge. That stinks! Look up Braunability. They convert the vans and see if any are near you. I think our van was built in Illinois but a place right near us sells them. You can always have fundraisers to raise money for the van like a spaghetti dinner and I was told to ask Shriners or The Lions Club for donations. Some donate up to $8000. Plus the ramp is tax deductible so at the end of you year you can tax deduct the $25000 it costs to convert it.

I LOVE the fact this van looks so normal. It really doesn't look handicap accessible. It was funny because both my husband and I commented on the fact that it says rampvan on the back....oh well it is worth it! I have been out and about with the kids a lot more since I have gotten it. It makes my life so much easier.

April said...

New equipment can make all the difference :)