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Monday, August 29, 2011

School starts in 3 Days!

Wow this summer flew by. We will have two second graders this year. My youngest won't start Kindergarten for another two years because her Birthday falls on September 20th! She is so smart so I feel like she will be bored with school so I am going to try and fight for her to go next year but I think it is highly unlikely I will win.

We have been busy bees as always. Brendan went on vacation with his father last week to NH. He goes every year. I decided to take the girls on a road trip since my husband has been working so late every night. It is hard to do some things with Brendan so while I felt really guilty I knew he was having fun with his dad. I also really wanted to take my youngest to an amusement park. She hasn't really gotten to go. We brought the other two a few times and she was really young and doesn't remember and couldn't ride on much. So off to Sesame Place we went for two nights. It was a great time. It did rain the entire first day but that meant no lines. We rode every single ride multiple times. The water slides were a lot of fun. I loved watching my youngest enjoiy everything. She even danced in the parade! She is so cute and loves to dance. She is very outgoing, will do anything type of kid. The one we need to watch out for when she is a teen! I love that she is outgoing because I was a super shy kid like my stepdaughter who wouldn't go dance in the parade and then wished she did. I so know how you feel kid! It was a great girls trip and I am so glad I went because my youngest had reactions that were priceless. I could have rode the roller coaster all day just to watch her face and here her laughter. She put her hands up in the air for the entire ride every single time! OH BOY!


Sheila said...

I can't believe summer is over - where did it go?! We were supposed to start school on Monday but Irene postponed us by one day so we started today. Malayna had a great first day...thank god!

The trip to Sesame Place sounds great. We went there in June and loved it.

Amy said...

Oh, I am jealous that both you and Sheila (and all the kids, of course) are getting these trips to Sesame Place. I think that place sounds so cool. Good luck with school starting back. Sounds like you guys have had loads of fun this summer, but is seems like summer just flew by too quickly.

April said...