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Friday, August 19, 2011

Out and About

Since we have gotten the new rampvan I have been out and about so much with the kids. It really makes small trips seem less daunting. It doesn't wear me out physically and Bren is really happing riding in it.

My husband got a new job and has been out really late all week. He got home after 8pm twice and who knows when he will be home today. He leaves by 7am so I am having some very long days with the kids. Brendan's ADHD was horrible this week too so he was testing me often! Today I took the kids to bumper boats and we got drenched but it was alot of fun.


Amy said...

Love the fun. Love the pics of Brendan and the new van. It looks so cool, and I am glad to hear how it is improving your life too! Makes me want one soooo terribly bad!!

April said...

I'm glad to hear travelling is easier now. I found that when we got our car adapted- we had a step and rail put in so I could hop in and out by myself.