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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coupon deal of the week! Flat Tire & My Back!

Coupon deal of the week for me was at Shaws! My total came to $73 after all savings and let me tell you I was nervous. The budget was very tight this week and I didn't want to spend much. Just by using coupons my total dropped to $37 and I got a $10 coupon to use next time!! I impressed myself. Just from coupons I got 2 free toothpastes and 4 cans of tuna.

Deal of the week: Shaws had an offer...spend $25 (after all coupons) and get a $10 coupon towards another transaction. I should have broken up my transacations and used the $10 towards my other items but I hate doing multiple transactions. I apparently will never be an extreme couponer!

What did I buy: 6 boxes of green giant vegetables, 3 boxes of toaster strudles, 6 boxes of brownies, 4 boxes of pizza rolls, 8 boxes of fruit snacks, 1 macaroni grill boxed meal, and 4 boxes of betty crocker instant scallop potatoes.
These items came to $28 after coupons so I got my $10 back which technically means 32items cost $18 or $.56 an item.

Only 4 like coupons will double at this store so you have to be careful how many of each item you buy.
Coupons used:
$.35 off one pizza roll which doubles
$.75 off two boxes of brownies (which double)
$.50 off two boxes of fruit snacks (which double)
$1 off 3 boxes of vegetables (used two)
$1 off 3 toaster strudles
$.75 off macaroni grill dinner (which doubles)
$.50 off two boxes of potatoes (which double)
Total coupons used just for this section: $17.80

Yesterday I got a flat tire. I have to drive over 30 minutes to pick up my son to drive back over 30 minutes to bring him to school when he visits his dad mid week. I wasn't in the mood as it was this week and then I get a flat tire. I had 5 YES 5 screws in my back tire. This tire was obviously unrepairable and cost me $321!! So much for saving with coupons this week. I questioned why I bought the sport van when I found out exactly how much this one tire cost. Not to mention no one had the tire in stock, not even Toyota, Thankfully Town Fair Tire was able to get it delivered that same day. I was 45 minutes from my house so we hung around the area all day. Brendan even got to skip school. My x husband met me at a gas station and actually changed my flat for me!!!!! I was shocked. He doesn't usually say two words to me nevermind help me out. Some other guys that were making a delivery at the gas station even offered to help (before my x arrived) which was awesome. People aren't usually nice around here. My x was struggling getting the tire off and a person delivering gas helped us out too. I must say I was impressed with everyone helping me out yesterday. :) I honestly do not think I would have gotten that tire off myself. Although you never really know what you can handle when you have to.

It was nice to spend the day with two of my kids. We had to run around searching for a tire but then we had to go to the DMV which surprisingly didn't take much time at all. We then went out to lunch together at Subway and walked around Target. The tire was due in after 1pm so we headed back and hung out there for a while.
Overall it was a good day except today my back is killing me!! I lifted Brendan way to much throughout the day. I counted a total of 13 times getting his wheelchair in and out of the van. However, I probably couldn't have gotten out of bed today if I was actually lifting that wheelchair and him into and out of my old van all day! So I am beyond thankful I have my handicap van even if my tires cost over $300 each. I am not looking forward to replacing those bad boys!

Today is supposed to be rainy which means me and Makayla are relaxing! I will probably clean and do laundry but we are not leaving the house!


Sheila said...

Great job on the coupon deals! Too bad the flat tire overshadowed it! I'm glad it all worked out in the end though!

April said...

When it rains it pours.