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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life has been crazy!

Some things I don't feel the need to publish yet but lately life has taken a toll on me. September was not a good month to say the least. I am trying to push through and continue on happily like I always do. I am getting there.

Fortunately we have a big project going on to keep my mind busy. We are putting an addition on for Brendan. We are renovating his current bedroom into a handicap accessible bathroom and adding a new bedroom and therapy room attached. The process has started. It is a bit overwhelming and will continue to be so I imagine. I am not the best at making decisions so I am sure once they start inside I will be beyond overwhelmed! Brendan loves watching the big machines come in. He calls them all workers and loves to knock on the window and say hi to them. He loves when they wave back. He loves the trucks and all the commotion. He has begun to bang on our house walls again as he did when my brother in law did some small projects for us in the house. He is excited about his new bathroom and bedroom. He pretty much ignores the therapy room.

Brendan will basically have his own wing. A space for him to grow into. I am sure he won't do therapy forever so that room can become his own space. Maybe we can even put in a small kitchen one day so he can live at home but independantly. Only time will tell. I am thrilled we can do this for him and he can learn to become as independant as possible.


Reeta said...

sounds great, its a very good way to help him become more independent. hope you will regain some of your energy soon! :)

Sheila said...

Sorry you've had a tough time lately and hope it gets better soon. How awesome that Brendan will have his own wing though! You do so much for him, he's so lucky to have you!! Malayna would totally ignore a therapy room too! LOL!

Amy said...

I hope things get better soon. I am sorry for all of the rough things that you have been through lately. I am excited about Brendan's new rooms and bathroom. That will be great. Can't wait to see photos. We need to do some renovations for Emma SOON! Hopefully you will give me so great ideas and motivation to stop putting the project off.

April said...

Independence is priceless.