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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coupons Coupons Coupons!

I have been couponing for the past few months. I am not entirely sure when I started. I don't think it has been 6 months yet. I already have a stock pile in my basement. I spend less each week than I used to yet I have so much more food and household products. It feels great!

I quit my job in February so I could care for Brendan after school. He had no where to go after school anymore. There are hardly any places for disabled children to go. I have no idea how parents work full time. I guess we could have tried to work opposite shifts but I am a total family person so I wouldn't be happy. I decided to coupon to save money and buy more for our buck. We have a tight budget every week and lately I have been under budget.

Next week I have a goal at one grocery store. I will buy 26 products from fruit snacks, toaster strudles to a Macaroni grill dinner for $17. Once you start to coupon and have a stock pile you can shop based on sales combined with coupons. I still have to buy my fresh produce and meat but in the end almost everything else I buy is just to stock up on. For example I have 14 jars of pasta sauce, over 30 boxes of pasta, 13 bottles of bodywash, 7 shampoo/conditioner/16 deoderants and on and on and on. I get toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes for free. I usually pay around $1 for shampoo, deoderant, body wash, razors and other items. It is really amazing what you can do with coupons. I might post a deal of the week each week if people are interested!

I will post some pictures of my stockpile. :)


Sheila said...

Good for you, Steph! I got into coupons for awhile but found it to be so time consuming so I give you alot of credit for making it work! Should I look for you on Extreme Couponing? LOL! I primarily scored the best deals at CVS but the sales haven't been that great there lately. But I do usually score free or very cheap toothpaste at least! I'd love to see your weekly deals though. I always find that inspiring!

We take it day by day said...

I agree cvs hasn't been great lately. I did rite aid deals the last few weeks. It us very time consuming! I do the best I can but I cant compare with the extreme couponers lol. I am not that dedicated and couldnt handle hours checking out.

Amy said...

I am jealous. I have tried coupons, but I have never scored big. I have saved nearly $15 before. I have saved some bucks with my store cards too. In my area, stores don't honor double coupon practices for some reason. Then they tend to limit the number the consumer can use. I love Extreme Couponing. I would love to see more of your lute too. It is amazing the kind of stockpiles that people can get. Cool.

April said...

Well to you for managing so well!