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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Best Step Daddy award goes to.....

Seriously he is amazing. He throws Brendan into the air on a trampoline nearly giving himself a heart attack, he has carrie him up 4 flights of stairs so he could ride down water slides, he does his best to help include Brendan with everything we do even if it is difficult and exhausting. Now they are bonding with 'garage' time. He lets him help build a trailer and his gas bike. Brendan absolutely loves it. He doesn't really do much but he feels very special going out there with him. It is great guy time. He can't wait to go out with him and for those of you who really know Brendan he is a MAMA's BOY! He doesn't really like not being around me and he has been willingly ditching me for 'D' (he calls him D for short because he couldn't always say Derek due to his speech delay). I love seeing and listening to them together. Brendan is always progressing and I can't believe how mature he is getting. He is a young boy who loves cars, trucks, engines and I absolutely LOVE that he can have this passion.

He has always been there for me emotionally and stepped into that father figure with Brendan immediately. He never saw him as disabled just as a little kid who quickly became a part of his life. He has been there 100% for me and all my emotions over the past 7 years and I will admit that has NOT been easy. He has been there for all of his major surgeries which may have been harder on my mental state than on Brendan himself. I haven't acknowledged him in my blog and I feel I should because he is an amazing father and the best step father I could ever ask for to help raise my disabled son. Not everyone could handle it or would want to. It isn't easy. It never will be and he is okay with that.

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