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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Easter

We finally got a family picture. It wasn't easy with 6 people but I think it came it pretty good considering. The kids all still believe in the Easter Bunny. I am not sure how we got so lucky seeing Brendan is already 10 but they still have the spirit. I love that they still believe in everything because I found out very young. I just feel bad for Drew being so much younger. I feel that having so many older siblings it will be ruined for him at a young age. I just hope they all help play along as he grows older.

Life has been busy as usual. I finally filed my taxes today and we are hardly getting anything back which is a bummer since we are so poor right now. I was hoping for a nice refund to help pay off our older van. We hardly make anything since we opened our business but it as our little adventure and I really enjoy it. I can handle being poor for now since it means we get to be together as a family so much more than before. I get to take my baby to work everyday and watch him develop all the time. It is really awesome well except on the days he is cranky and just wants to be held and I can't get any work done!!! He is usually a great baby though and I really enjoy having him with him every single day.

I just ordered some more therapy equipment for Brendan's therapy room. I don't think I will be able to fit much more in there. He doesn't always want to cooperate but he does get a lot of use out of his room. He walks on his treadmill and can use his large foam mat again. The weather is starting to warm up and he went on a bike ride the other day and did amazing! He was pedaling so well. I am looking for a new bike for him. I don't really want to buy a new one and spend $4000+ so I have been searching around for a used one. He needs one that fits a 7-12 year old. His is just too small for him...we have had it since he was 3! They seem to sell fast.

We all know Brendan is obsessed with vehicles! Well we are looking into buying him a go kart. I am trying to find one that only goes up to about 12/15 mph. It is amazing what actually exists out there when you start searching. He is outgrowing his 24 volt power wheel polaris car (which gave him hours upon hours of fun) and I am in desperate need of something to entertain him all summer. I will never make it all summer with 4 kids if he doesn't have something to keep him entertained outside. It will be difficult to take them all on a bike ride or walk but I need to figure something out or I will go insane.

Time to go do some more research and make one little boy super happy :)


Erminia Cavins said...

You guys look great! It’s nice to see a family having so much fun together and not being held back with the difficulties you are experiencing. Brendan will surely grow up to be a good man and I believe that his disability wouldn't hamper the things he could do, I’m so glad that you are doing everything in your power to assist him all throughout. I wish you all the best, guys! :)

Erminia Cavins

Amy said...

Great photo! All the kids are getting so big! Happy Spring to you guys! Hope all is going well!