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Monday, April 29, 2013

Brendan continues to ride...tandem style!

Brendan LOVES riding his bike. He has outgrown it (he has had it since he was 3!) but they aren't exactly cheap so we keep using it. He has been able to pedal on his own since the PERCS surgery. I have been searching on line for a used one....craigslist, equipment exchange sites, etc. They are not easy to find especially the exact style we need. We need to be able to push, steer and brake for him when needed. I was not having any luck. They were either already sold or didn't have the parent handle. I was feeling discouraged and trying to figure out a way to make his current bike last longer.

On one random Saturday my husband stopped in a local bike shop (not your typical bike shop....a man and his brother have a hobby and work out of their mother's garage fixing and selling bikes)to ask a question about a bike he is trying to build. While talking to the gentleman my husband notices a tandem handicap accessible bike and why did he happen to notice this among a ton of bikes jammed into a garage? Because I JUST showed him one online whiling looking on the Freedom Concepts website. I was like OMG look at this bike. It is awesome. What are the chances?! Right in our own town there is a tandem bike perfect for our son...making family bike rides possible yet again. We couldn't believe it. So fast forward a few weeks and the bike is tuned up, rust is painted, handle bars re foamed and we own a GINORMOUS tandem style bike for $400! These bikes go for over $6800! My awesome husband rigged the pedals so he could reach them and off they went.

I didn't think Brendan would love the bike as much as he does. He kept saying he wanted to ride by himself but that child could not have a bigger smile on his face when he rides. My husband thinks he likes going fast! The thing is huge but really neat. I think it was meant to be and now this huge piece of machinery can ride on!
Do you think he likes it?

If you think your child could benefit from a bike check out is amazing how many you actually find on there. Try searching handicap accessible bike or trike, freedom concepts.... Also there is a great equipment exchange site (which is great for all kinds of equipment for our special needs kiddos), great place to buy or sell your equipment. You can also hold a fundraiser or contact your local Shriners who donate bikes. I highly recommend getting a bike. Brendan built calf muscle last summer, something I have never seen on him before and it gives him independence which he LOVES. It also allows them to be a kid which they need more than anything!


jenny said...

awsoem so glad to see bren enjoying his bike so much. i wasn a trike so i can ride bike agian i have not been able to ride in a long time because of balance issues that have come with age. I use a stationary recumbant bike but its just not as fun as riding outside keep smiling bren and let the wind blow through your hair

jonnygood3018 said...

That bike is awesome! And enjoying going fast seems to be a common theme. I actually found your blog after watching the most amazing youtube video (well one of my very favorites anyway) about a boy with Cerebral Palsy that also loves to feel the wind in his face. The video is called Dayton's Legs where a 13 yr old boy takes Dayton on a triathlon. It is so inspiring. Here's a link: or

I love to see people making effort to help these extraordinary kids! Congratulations again on the bike!