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Saturday, February 20, 2016

One Year SDR Anniversary!

Wow! I seriously can not believe it has been one full year since we took the plunge and went ahead with SDR. One of the hardest decisions of my life. Regrets? None! Hard work? More than you could ever imagine.

We have given it our all. I am actually proud of this entire family. We have all made sacrifices over the last year in order for Brendan to achieve all that he has. Three of the kids have lost their mom and baby sister for 4 weeks over the last year, went on a road trip to St. Louis for their summer vacation for Brendan's post op appointment, and have helped entertain the younger ones while we have worked countless hours stretching, strength training and assisting Brendan.

Brendan has come a long way and continues to work hard. He actually surprised me with his attitude and willingness to stick with the program. It hasn't been easy, there has been tears, yelling, attitude but also laughter, pride and progression. He is 13 and doesn't always want to get off his computer to work out but he does almost every single day. He loves his break days but secretly also loves working out, gaining strength and trusting his body to do more things.

I am looking forward to the next year. He has a strong foundation and core strength and an amazing home work out plan. I can't wait to see what two weeks in Texas working with Mike Poole will do for him. It should propel him into the next phase of his progression. He will achieve more confidence which does wonders for him.

I am beyond proud of this child and love seeing what he is capable of. We will continue to work hard and to sacrifice so that he can achieve the utmost possible before he enters adult hood. Hard to believe in less than 10 years he will probably be on his own. my mind he lives a few houses down in a group home that we organize and help run. Only time will tell but I can't image the worry I will have once he leaves the nest. 

*****Look how far he has come since age 2: fisted hands and curled toes. Lots of therapy, procedures, surgeries and determination have paid off. You may not always realize how much everything really does for your child. If we did nothing I don't know what he would look like today. I presume his body would look entirely different*****

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Sheila said...

I can't believe a whole year has flown by already! Brendan is so lucky to have such an amazing family to support him but most of all he is simply amazing himself! He really has come SO far! So happy for all of you!!