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Monday, March 19, 2012

17 weeks! Loving this weather!

I am already 17 weeks, this pregnancy is flying by. I am feeling pretty good and have some energy. I am able to get out and about and actually keep up with the house. I don't need to nap anymore so I am loving the 2nd trimester....finally!

Could we ask for better weather in March? The kids are outside constantly. Brendan wouldn't come inside today. His aid took him on two bike rides. He refused to come inside until after 5:30 tonight. I think hiring his aid was the best thing I could have done while pregnant because I wouldn't be able to keep up with him right now!

I still was able to make some good deals this week. I only spent $47 at the grocery store and I brought that down from $83. I love saving us money especially being a one income family. It is my contribution in a way to cut our grocery budget down. We used to spend $150 easy a week and now I am staying below $70 most weeks and that includes all household items as well as food. How can you not love that?!

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April said...

I'm glad to hear Brendan is enjoying being out and about.