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Friday, March 23, 2012

Brendan has a leg muscle!!!!

OH My Goodness Brendan has his very first calf muscle on his left leg. He has been riding his bike almost daily and is getting pretty good at it. He is peddling himself almost the entire time now and results are being seen! Unfortunately his right leg is looking smaller all the way around compared to his left which is his dominant side but I am so thrilled to see a muscle. I know this is partly due to PERCS allowing him to use his muscle and not the tone. He couldn't even pedle his bike prior to the surgery. I am on cloud 9 from one tiny calf muscle!
It is the little thiings......

Check out Freedom Concepts if you are interested in a handicap accessible bike. He is obsessed with it right now.


Sheila said...

How awesome! That surgery was definitely the right thing for Brendan. You must be so happy!

Amy said...

Yeah, I agree with Sheila. I am sorry I am behind. My dad is very sick. I def think you made the right choice about PERCS.

Oh, I would love to see some more photos of the new stuff in your house, like the accessible bathroom and therapy room and access from the garage. I am starting the process too for our house. The contractors have been out this week. Did you get a lift for the garage?

You look so awesome pregnant, by the way. I looked like a big fat terd when I was pregnant. How do you do it? I still look big and fat.

We take it day by day said...

Renovations have been on hold while we waited for a grant to be approved. We should start up within the next few weeks. We are getting a lift put in the garage. I can not wait to finish all of this and have his bathroom done! I will definitely post pictures.

THanks...I think I have a high metabolism because I eat a ton! My sis (who is pregnant too) already gained 20lbs. This is just how I look pregnant...same all 3 times. :) Don't worry thought I have really really bad varicose on my right leg with this pregnancy. It is not PRETTY!!

We take it day by day said...

Oh and Amy so sorry to hear your dad is very sick. I hope everything is okay.

April said...

Yes! That's great news :)