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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bought the first baby items! Great deals this week!!

I just scored at Babies R Us. I was afraid to buy things too early but I couldn't resist. I had a 25% off clearance items coupon so I went to check it out. They had the sit and stand stroller I have had my eye on for $50! We saw it at Target for $150. I grabbed that and saw a chicco infant carrier for $80 so after I talked to my mom and husband I decided to grab it lol. I only spent $103 on both items after the coupon. It was an awesome deal. I even got to make sure the car seat fit in the van with the girls booster seats and everything fits! It feels very real now.

I also stopped at Target and only spent $9.59. I bought a 50 pack of huggies diapers ($6), got 4 free nail clippers, 2 free maybeline lip balm, 2 bags of starburst jellybeans (my favorite) for $1 each, and two 12.5 oz boxes of dog treats for a $.82 each. Great deals just with coupoons. The diapers before coupons cost $9.49 so I basically got everything else for free. :) My kind of shopping.

I am still feeling pretty good. The injection kicked my butt for a few days and made me have a super emotional day but it only hurt for 3 days so at least I get a pain free bottom until tomorrow. 20 more injections to go but if it prevents me from having a perterm baby I am on board. I seriously can not imagine having a baby in the NICU with 3 children at home.

We are starting to think about delivery day. We have nobody to watch Brendan. This baby is coming in the summer time which means all the kids will be home. The girls are easy and will go with anyone but Brendan being so heavy can not. If the baby comes on the weekend it won't be a big deal since my SIL can take him but if I go into labor during the week which is more likely to happen then we have no idea what to do. I am going to have to ask my x husband to take a day off from work and take Brendan. He did meet me at the hospital when Makayla was coming and took him but he could go to school so it wasn't that bad. Oh well. Such is life. Once again making me realize that having a disabled child does make life more difficult.

PASS is going great! Brendan is loving this weather and wearing himself out on his power wheels, bicycle, and walker. He is getting a ton of exercise and loving life. I am so thankful it all worked out when it did because being pregnant and having some issues to deal with already wouldn't allow me to walk so much with him so he could enjoy the outdoors. I am feeling pretty fortunate right now.

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