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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PASS has begun!

Brendan's PASS worker, Michelle, has officially started. Last night was her first night since Monday we had a meeting with the agency. It went very well. Brendan opened up to her right away. He even played a game with her and Makayla while I made dinner and wasn't constantly asking where I was. He acted himself and she did great with him. She hasn't done any of the transferring or lifting yet but hopefully she will soon. I just hope she is comfortable doing it. She seems open to doing everything. She is very patient but already holds him accountable for things and I like that. She makes him say excuse me after he burps..which he does often. He is such a boy.

She is very easy to talk to and get along with. Surprisingly, I don't feel awkward at all having her in my house. She even ate dinner with us. Hoping today goes just as well.

I am looking forward to the next few months getting to know her and seeing how she interacts with Brendan. He is already excited to go somewhere with her. He asked if she will get the handicap pass. He is supposed to go out into the community 2x a month and I think I will be able to trust her in a few weeks. She wants to take him bowling and out for ice cream. He will love all the attention.

The only thing that is difficult is keeping Makayla at bay. She was overbearing with Brendan last night...wanting to do everything for him instead of letting him do his own tasks. Not sure why. Michelle is only here for Brendan which is hard for the girls to understand but hopefully in time they will get bored of her.

I am thrilled this has finally begun. I am getting bigger by the day and it will be great to have someone here to help with the heavy lifting. Everything fell together nicely with this pregnancy. It was really meant to be.


Sheila said...

I'm so happy for you! This situation sounds perfect! I'm still jealous and want to move to your state...just kidding! But I am really happy that you'll get some help with the lifting and other things too!

Amy said...

Oh, this sounds great. I hope she works out as well and even better than she sounds. I had to laugh when you said that you hoped the girls would get bored with her. So funny! That's just like kids, huh? I just think this is going to be great for all of you.

We take it day by day said...

Another night went great. Brendan is very open with her. He kept saying "I love you, do you love me"? so I guess he likes her lol. She brought him to the bathroom for me and took him for a ride in his car. She was great! I think she is a nice fit. I hope she likes doing it. We have a meeting every month so I will find out soon.

April said...