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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10 things I love AND hate about CP!

Doing something a little different today. It is Cerebral Palsy awareness month and I thought I would entertain some people.

10 Things I LOVE about CP
1. I love the special bond I have with my son. It is very unique. We are very close to each other, sometimes too close :)
2. I love that my son still asks for hugs and kisses at 8 years old as his sisters run off to play without them. He loudly exclaims "mom I want another hug and kiss"
3. I love that having a child with CP has made me a stronger person even though I don't realize it at times. It hits me every now and then like when I can atually get some sleep the night before a surgery.
4. I love that CP has made his sisters oblivious to disabilities. In our house they pretend to army crawl or collapse their legs when you lift them and say with a smile "I'm like Bren" and in an odd way it is humorous to us.
5. I love that my son could care less that he has CP.
6. I love how much I can appreciate the smallest milestones. Milestones melt my heart even when my typical children reach them.
7. I love that I had to quit my job to stay home with my children because there wasn't an after school program for my son due to his disability. Hey there are perks! :)
8. I love that everyone falls in love with my son!
9. I hate the arm muscles carrying around an 8 year old boy with CP has given me. OH Wait I am still on what I love! I guess I love that I can still lift him even though he is 1/3 of my body weight.
10. I love that I was chosen to be a mother to a child with ceberal palsy because I have realized only those who can handle it our chosen. I have chosen to love him more than anything in the world and make his life the best that I can!

10 Things I HATE about CP
1. I hate watching my son be in pain.
2. I hate the fact we have been through 7 surgeries and over 8 procedures and the fact we will have to go through many many more.
3. I hate the amount of time we have spent at therapy and doctor's appointments. Some can last all day long. He has 10 appointments this month alone!
4. I hate that we are limited as a family to what we can do. Sometimes it is too exhausting to do the things we want especially on my own with the three kids.
5. I hate when I have to strap on his ridiculous leg braces at bedtime. I could never sleep with those things on and do not understand how he does it?!
6. I hate that I cry a lot for my son and what he goes through.
7. I hate the grey hairs and wrinkles I have received prematurely due to the amount of stress CP has put on me.
8. I hate that I know Brendan's CP could have been prevented if I wasn't in that hospital with that Dr on a Holiday when he decided to come 7 weeks early. It is a hard thing to get past but I am getting there.
9. I hate that due to Brendan's CP he probably won't be able to drive. He is obsessed with cars, go carts basically any moving vehicle and constantly talks about getting his license and driving. I do not have the heart to tell him he most likely won't be able to drive. This actually brings tears to my eyes as I write it. :'(
10. I hate that CP exhausts me mentally and physically. I hate that one day I may not be able to lift my child. I hate what CP does to his body BUT I love this boy more than life itself!


jenny said...

That is great, I di dnot know that march was CP awaness month my goodness no i have two conditions to celebrate in march as it is also endometriosis awarness month. I love th post it was great you are a wonderful mom just like all of the moms chosen to raise children like us and bren is a special lil boy hav a happu march and i hope everything goes weoo for Bren in his appointments i have been throgh it myslef if you want to talk please feel free to comment on my blog here on blogger

Amy said...

Oh wow. I am crying. I totally could have written those things myself. Hugs to you and Brendan from Emma and me.

Sheila said...

Great post, Steph! You are an amazing Mom with great strength! I'm not sure I could find 10 things I love about CP, although I do agree with a few of yours!

We take it day by day said...

Thanks everyone. It was hard coming up with 10 things I love about CP but I guess I have to find positives to this life we were handed. I found another hate....when walkers tip over and my son lands onto hard top on his walker. :( BOYS!!!

April said...

I agree totally with this post!