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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So excited for music and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!!

I finally have music on his blog!! I have been trying for a while and couldn't figure it out. I guess I just needed the right site because it was very easy. Brendan really likes this song and I think it suites him because he makes friends with everyone he meets!

I am feeling a little better about the surgery. I still have that anxious feeling but I already know that won't go away until the day is here. I just accept that.

On another note today is my 3 year Anniversary. We aren't doing anything special but I decided to make a cheesecake for dessert tonight to celebrate. I am very fortunate to have found Derek. He is an amazing father and stepfather to Brendan. First of all he is my rock and lets me be emotional about my journey in life. He is always supportive, he lets me cry, get angry and then he reminds me that we have this amazing little boy and I don't always need to get upset. He treats him like a typical child and not that one who has CP. He has helped me turn him into a great little boy and I appreciate him for that. He is always there for me when a surgery approaches and on that day. He is always amazed at how calm and strong I am the day of surgery since he sees me fall apart prior. I couldn't ask for a better husband and can't wait to celebrate our 30th! Hard to imagine we met online. How luck are we?!


Dawn said...

What a nice tribute to a great guy! Happy Anniversary you two!

Sheila said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad you've got such a great guy there! Love the song!

jenny said...

happy anaversary to you both

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! He sounds like a great guy. But, you are a pretty nice gal yourself. I think Derek would say he is very lucky to have found you too.

April said...

Music is life. To hear that you are happy is music to my ears.