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Monday, March 21, 2011

26 days until surgery and counting.....

UH is all I can say. I am brining him in for bloodwork and urine testing on Wednesday. He also has his neurologist appointment. We will be skipping Botox this time due to the surgery so that is one benefit of doing this!! :) I do believe this is #10 of Brendan being put under. I think one of the worst parts about surgery is knowing they are put to sleep and anything can go wrong. Thankfully Brendan normally comes out of it just fine. He really likes to sleep it off and will sleep for hours if you let him. He almost ALWAYS vomits but I am very used to that by now and if you wake him up before he is ready be prepared for the crankiest child who wants to be held and whines continuously for a very long time. I have learned all of this and just recently we got it down! The last time he went under for Botox treatments he slept it off, woke up happy and did NOT THROW UP!!! So just maybe I will use my past experiences and help him wake up nicely this time too! Wouldn't that be nice!?

On another note it is snowing here and I am so done with Winter. It is SPRING New England how about some sunshine. You spoil us with warmer weather and then throw more snow at us. We were outside all day yesterday thatching and raking our lawn and now you give us snow to cover all of our hard work up. I am not very happy.

Well not too much going on here. We are buying a pop up camper to make life easier camping with Brendan. We are very excited. We should be all set for the Spring and Summer. We got his handicap accessible bike trailer in last week. It is huge but he can fit in it. His head has plenty of room and his legs aren't all scrunched up and it came with a wedge seat so he looks great sitting in it. Now I just hope I actaully still pull him while riding my bike! Last year he was lighter as well as his bike trailer. If you want to check out the website go to:
hopefully that will work. They make special needs bike trailers. I was excited to find this because it is hard to find things our whole family can enjoy and this is one of them that we can keep enjoying while staying fit to keep up with our 3 energetic kids.

We also joined the YMCA. We found one that is handicap accessible. We don't have a pool yet so it will be fun to swim whenever we want as a family and I can get a work out in during the day when I just have my youngest with me. Lots of good things going on in our household. Now we just need the sunshine!!!


jenny said...

wishing bren lots of luck with his next surgery and cant wait to see him in his new bike trailer he will love that. i hope he wakes up well this time with no throwing up thats no fun stay strong you are a wonderful mom and doing the right thing for bren i know its tough and it takes so much strength to do but keep up your good work we were all given to our parents for a reason it takes a special person to raise a special child

Sheila said...

Hang in there, Steph! You're very strong and doing the best thing for Bren. I hear ya on the weather! We're under a winter storm warning here in CT. Blah! Sounds like it's gonna be a great spring and summer for your family though!

April said...

It's great that you can find ways to do things as a family.