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Friday, March 25, 2011

It is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day!!!! Bloodwork, Tears, and some excitment?!

I just had to say that :)

Well Brendan and I made it through our day. He was NOT looking forward to bloodwork. He works himself all up beforehand. He just can't control his anxiety which I can understand. So I tried everything but nothing worked. He freaked himself out and was yelling to anyone who would listen "I am not getting bloodwork done!". Of course everything thought that was pretty funny. In the end it wasn't that bad and he calmed down as soon as the needle was in. He just said ouch and watched it and I told him it was all done, that was it. He did great after that and wanted his stickers. :)

Next was his neurologist apt. It went well. It kind of felt pointless since we aren't scheduling Botox. We waited an hour for the Dr. and Brendan was restless at this point. Thank goodness she has an amazing assistant whom Brendan LOVES. She took him for a walk to get water so I could talk to the Dr. She just wants me to continue his meds for ADHD even on the weekends. She also wants me to up the morning dose to see if that helps him even more at school. He is way behind on this whole learning thing BUT he has come a really long way the past year. He has always been two years behind. So I think of him more as 6 years old. Although when I see what his 6 year old stepsister can do like read and write I do get concerned. He has had so many issues between vision and ADHD which have really hindered his learning. His vision has really improved and now that we have controlled his attention problem maybe he will really start to improve. He is finally asking me to spell words for him and he is interested in hearing it!! He can name words that start with a certain letter so I am impressed and we make it a game so he enjoys it. He is getting it and he will continue to learn. Not too bad for a child with CP, vision impairment, ADHD and a whole heck of a lot going on in his little body. :) He is just awesome!

It is almost April!! Okay so today I am getting excited about PERCS. Oh the lovely emotions that come and go for me. I read some very positive stories which is what I need to do to help my anxiety. What if this surgery really helps him? What if he can walk better and longer distances? What if this is the best thing that I could have done for him? I guess we will all find out soon. I am going to record him walking pre and post surgery and if this does him wonders I am spreading the word! This surgery is fairly new and not very common, yet everything you read on it is so positive. I wonder why more and more Dr.'s wouldn't want to do this for our kids?


Sheila said...

I always want to scream when I need bloodwork too! Ha! What a brave boy to watch - I can't do that! I'm concerned about Malayna's learning too as she is also way behind. But our kiddos do things on their own schedule so I'm sure they'll get there when they're ready! I'm glad to hear you're psyched for PERCS. I'm sure it's gonna be great for Bren and I can't wait to see the changes!

April said...

I see where Brendan is coming from as I suffer from anxiety myself.