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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday Boy! Deals of the week!

Brendan is turning 9! How can that be? How have I been a mother for 9 years?? I think back to the day he was born and can not believe where we are in life today. Life certaintly did not turn out as intended but does it ever? I never expected to be a mother to a disabled child but now I can't picture life any other way.

Years ago we never knew if Brendan would talk, ambulate on his own, or go to a public school. Today my boy is doing amazing and he never stops progressing. He doesn't stop talking and he is learning new things everyday. We have been through so much together and have the most amazing bond I could ask for. I know I can handle just about anything after handling these past 9 years. Yes I have my moments. I do cry. I do feel like life is unfair at times but in the end I really wouldn't change my life. Would I want my son to experience life easier...YES! Do I wish he never had to endure all those surgeries...YES! Do I wish he could walk or stand without his walker...hell ya! But I don't dwell on this everyday. I don't look at him and wish he was different. I look at him and smile and feel beyond proud of this little boy who has come so far. Brendan has this personality that will change people's perception of disabled people. He already has! I can not beleive how much he has overcome over the past 9 years. I am so proud of him. I can't even begin to imagine what our lives will be lilke when he is 18. He was born on Thanksgiving and his Birthday is on the 28th and I am excited to celebrate another great year!

Deals of the week:

Rite Aid: Two Colgate Toothpaste Cost $3.50 Rewards $3.50, you can buy two and use a coupon $1 off two and make $1. Stay Free Pads cost $3, rewards $2, you can buy two and use 2 coupons $1 off one and they are free. Buy Two Orajel kid toothpaste Sale Buy 1 Get 1 (Cost $3.99 for one and use 2 $1 off coupons) and two Oral B toothbrushes B1G1 ($8.99 and use 2 $1 off one coupons = (get $5 reward if you spend $10. I spent 12.98 and saved $4 in coupons). Kerri lotion Cost $6.99 get $6 reward, use $1 coupon to make it free! Total out of pocket cost $25 (with tax) but I got back $22 in rewards which means all that cost me $3.

FREE ITEMS Just With Coupons!

Walmart: Shick disposable razors Cost $1.97 use $2 coupon and make $.03. Red Cross travel first aid kit Cost $.97 use $1 coupon and make $.03. Travel Tide detergent Cost $.99 use $1 coupon and make $.01.

Target: Print Target Coupon on their website for $1 off Hungry Jack Pancakes, buy the 7oz pouch for $.99 and make $.01.


Amy said...

Can't believe he is already nine! Emma just turned 8, so I know how you feel. I truly love this post because it shows the deep love and respect that you have for you wonderful boy. He has come so far, and he is truly, truly an inspiration.

Happy 9th Birthday, Brendan!! You ARE AMAZING!!!

Sheila said...

Wow! I cannot believe Brendan will be 9!! How did that happen? Happy early birthday to an amazing boy! You are a true inspiration!

Great job on the deals, Steph!

April said...

Time flies when your having fun... or working really hard for the sake of your son!