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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deal of the week! Garage issues and I miss my BOY!

Shaws has a great deal this week. Buy ten Betty Crocker items and get $5 off instantly. Combine this with coupons that double and you make out. I bought 21 items and paid just $10. The picture I posted only cost me a total of $35. Lately I am able to cut my usual budget of $150 per week (to buy food and household items) to around $70. The picture shows 8 pillsbury grand rolls, 3 fundamiddles, 2 cake mix, 2 frosting, 4 packages of cookie mix, 2 boxes of potatoes, 3/4 lb. of fish, over 2 lbs of chicken, 3 packs of english muffins, chocolate milk (for my husband), juice boxes, jar of pesto sauce, two zone bars, can of chefboyardee, and a box of breakfast bars. That is a $1.06 an item. Ya I can deal with that!

We built a huge garage. 28 feet long to be exact and we are having space issues. We are having issues parking both vans and being able to open up Brendan's ramp and get him off. Seriously who knew? How could this garage not be big enough. Well once you throw either a lift or ramp in the garage and fit both vans in you are left with one foot of space once the van ramp is open which simply doesn't work. This garage is not cheap so it is kind of a bummer that we both can't fit and get Brendan in and out of the van. Maybe we can come up with something. My contractor is amazing and super helpful so we are brainstorming.

Brendan left me for a week! He went off to FL with his dad. I am sure he is having a blast but I am not used to not having him here. I will admit that it has been a little vacation for me. The girls are fairly easy now and self sufficient. Grama even took them overnight last night so I got to stay in bed until 8:00 today. The builders start at 7 so there isn't much sleeping in around here but I just stayed in bed because I could. It was lovely.

I have been working on hiring my pass worker. I have two interviews next week. I even had someone going to school to become a PT so I am very excited. I hope we click because I like her already after reading her email.


Amy said...

I am so jealous of those awesome couponing deals. It makes me want to try to coupon more--even though no store in my area honors double coupons.

I am happy that you are getting a bit of rest, and I know Brendan is having a great time in Florida. That is a great trip for him and his dad.

Sorry about the garage, but I am glad to hear that your contractor is so helpful. That means everything when you are doing such big projects.

Sheila said...

Wow! That is amazing that you cut your grocery budget by so much! Good for you! I never got that serious but I know the commitment it takes to make that happen!

I'm glad to hear that you and Brendan both got a vacation! Enjoy it, although I'm sure you miss him terribly!

Good luck with the garage and Pass worker. The PT student sounds great!

We take it day by day said...

Coupons take so much time but it can be worth it. We bought everything we needed for thanksgiving and only spent about $70 for everything to feed 12 people that includes 4 home made pies. I am impressed with myself. Brendan had an awesome time and is back home with me!! He missed me :)

Amy said...

I am Brendan made it home, and I am glad to hear that he missed his Momma! :) I knew he would.

But, I am totally impressed with that savings for Thanksgiving!! WOW! You are really getting me psyched up to try a bit harder.

April said...

I'm happy to hear that you got some time to yourself.