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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes I almost lose my sanity! ADHD is not easy...

I think dealing with the ADHD is beyond harder than cerebral palsy. Some days I am at the brink of a mental breakdown. He can drive me batty in the matter of seconds depending the day. If we are stuck in the van together on one of his bad days it is not pretty. The girls hate when I yell and I don't like yelling but sometimes nothing works and I lose control of myself. I try asking him nicely, I try taking away anything that is causing bad behavior, I try threatening, I try taking away a favorite item....some days absolutely nothing works and I lose. I think I need a class on how to handle my child with ADHD. I can't stand when my kids don't listen and when it involves banging, slamming doors, or hitting the keyboard aggressively I flip out very quickly. Some days I can control it. Some days it doesn't bother me quite so much but other days I go bazerk. If this kid could run I would be in trouble!
Can you guess I am home with 3 kids all day due to no school?? Right now he is opening and closing his bedroom door over and over...actually slamming it and he has things hung on the door knob so it jingles along with the bang and I am really really trying to ignore it. I have asked him not to do this at least 20 times today. I give up. Like I said sometimes nothing works. I am not sure how I made it through the summer.

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April said...

Your patience amazes me.