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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Deal of the week! Happy Halloween and Special Olympics!

Coupons take up a lot of time from cutting to sorting to storing to figuring out the deals!!! UHHH but it is soooo worth it. At shaws I ended up getting 6 bags of Doritos, 6 jars of gravy, two large bags of Tyson Chicken Nuggets, 4 frozen TGIF meals for one, 3 cookie dough's, a bunch of bananas and a large tote of apples for $30 and then I got a $5 coupon back.

Happy Halloween Everyone!! Brendan was Batman...again! That kid loves being batman. We tried giving him other options but he would yell BATMAN after every character we said so batman it was. He really enjoyed trick or treating this year. He was happy as can be being wheeled up to each house. He would say trick or treat and you could even understand him this year! Our neighborhood was super busy so lots of houses ran out of candy. The houses with lights on became 'candy houses' and the kids would yell there is a candy house! It was cute. My husband even got home from work on time to come with us!

The first season of Special Olympics wrapped up this past Sunday. Brendan had a blast. It was a bit chilly so it was in a gym. They received a medal at the end which he loves. We made it to every session and it was a great experience. Pictures will be posted in the blog!


Sheila said...

Great job on the coupon deals! I'm glad Brendan enjoyed Halloween. It got canceled here because of the storm and no power. But it's no big deal to us since Malayna could care less about the whole thing. I love the Special Olympics news and pics. Oh, how I wish we had something like that here!

Amy said...

Oh, I love hearing about those coupon deals. I love saving money so that really appeals to me. I love it that Brendan loves Batman because Emma loves being a princess!! Two years straight. I am glad that Brendan did such a great job with the trick or treating. Emma would say "thanks" but not the "trick or treat" part, but I don't think anyone heard her. She talks that low, plus lots of kids around, busy streets here. Emma just did not get into it. I keep saying, "Maybe next year!"

I love the Special Olympics photos. Brendan looks so happy and proud.

April said...

A super costume for a superhero!